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Algmene ledenvergadering KNKF sectie Powerlften

afbeelding van Wim

Namens het dagelijks bestuur van de KNKF sectie powerliften nodig ik U hierbij uit voor het bijwonen van de algemene ledenvergadering van de KNKF sectie Powerlften op zaterdag 3 juni 2017. De vergadering zal gehouden worden in het kantoor van de DRC groep, Markt 4, 5691 AR te Son en Breugel. Aanvang is om 14.00 uur.

In verband met de niet te grote ruimte graag niet meer dan twee gedelegeerden per vereniging.

Datum Gebeurtenis: 

zaterdag, 3 juni, 2017 -
14:00 to 18:00

News...... I claimed www.cardiopowerlifting.com :-) Training today..

afbeelding van Wim

Thanks to Ilrish and Iris to motivate me to claim www.cardiopowerlifting.com ..... See if this give me new energy and focus to have some contribution to the powerlifting sport..... and give myself new goals to accelerate my maximum power to train with light weights in a cardio setting. Variations of the powerlifting excersises in a quick pace and short rest between the sets. Keep you posted!!!!

Program today:
Planken 5x 30 sec
Knee raises 5x10
Good mornings 5x8 40kg
Squats 2x8 20kg 2x8 60kg 2x5 85kg 3-in-1 set 3x110, 5x90kg and front squats 3x60kg for 3 sets
Deadlift 3-in-1 set 3x110kg 3x120kg and 3x125kg for 3 sets
Romanain deadlift 5x5 90kg
Bench press 2x8 20kg 2x8 50kg 2x5 70kg 3-in-1 set 3x90kg 2x85kg and 3x80kg for 3 sets
Shoulder grip bench press 5x5 75kg
Fly's 5x8 5kg
Strechting cycle

Cardiopowerlifting with girls from Bas Coaching and myself :-)

afbeelding van Wim

Today my  girlfriends Iris & Ilrish and Su came by for a light cardiopowerlifting session. In one word it was "GREAT". They won't forget this light cardiopowerlifting session and maybe and/or might they have learn something about their self. I joined the training and in the last squats set Ilrish decided my weights. In the video I made a complications of our final 5x5 sets squats, followed with the cardioset cheeky Deadlift the 'heaviest' single and final "after set". We didn't recorded the bench press 3-in-1 sets.

Planken 5x 30sec
Goodmornings 5x8 40kg
Squats 2x8 20kg 2x8 60kg 2x5 80kg 5x5 100kg cardioset: 1x120kg 1x135kg 1x140kg 1x145kg 1x150kg 2x137,5kg 3x135kg 3x132,5kg 2x130kg 3x120kg
Deadlift 3x3 110kg 1x140kg 1x160kg 1x177,5kg 5x150kg
Bench press 2x8 20kg 2x20 50kg 3x3x3 80kg (narrow, middle and wide grip)


NK (Sub) & Junioren en Masters (Equipped) & NK Masters Classic Powerlifting

afbeelding van Wim

Organisatie: Sport Arena Eindhoven
Adres: Raedeckerstraat 2, 5623 EX in Eindhoven

datum: 21 mei 2017
update nominaties:

Uitnodiging voor het Nederlands Kampioenschap Sub &  Junioren, Masters equipped en Masters Classic Powerlifting op 21 Mei 2017

Datum Gebeurtenis: 

zondag, 21 mei, 2017 -
08:00 to 18:00

Training aimless after 32 years is tough.....

afbeelding van Wim

Last two weeks I didn't train. Follow a course for 4 days and went for 5 days holiday to Valencia..... At this stage I have to figure out how to accept my new world. Not training for meets and this after 32 years competition is tough...... Sometimes I have some ideas to starting lifting on meets on a much lower level.... Only the big question is: What is a lower level and can I manage myself to hold back the pressure and don't doing to much......  many questions come into my head, and at the moment it is not easy to find the answers. Now the next few weeks to train lightly and make sure I'm physically feel better. I hope to find new goals, so that I can stuff targeted actions. It is okay it will take some time.



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