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Name: Wim Wamsteeker
Marital status: married to Mirella, which I have two wonderful children Kick and Lois.
Sports: Powerlifting
Training since: 1982
Powerlifting competitions since: March 1985 (first bench press in 1983)
Occupation: Owner IT company, dealer Titan Nederland, communications trainer and mental coach (more information: http://www.optimizeyourperformance.nl)

Due a brain operation in January 2017 I had to change the way I trainm to prevent too much pressure in my head. If I will be lifting on a platform I don't know. If so I will be on a low level, just to have fun to being a Powerlifter for such a long time. The new way of training I called it CardioPowerLifting. Maximum workout of 90 minutes and doing a lot of light weight/reps/sets. More information / explanation can be found on www.cardiopowerlifting.com .


Meet Results and Overview:
Because I have some years rotating below a summary of my achievements: 2 times junior champion of the Netherlands, with as highlight the Dutch record squat 285kg, 300kg deadlift and total 735kg.

At European- and World Championship for juniors my highest ranking is 5th place. Participation more over that 20 Nationals, I won the open championship 10 times. I also participate at several Open European- and World Championships. My highest ranking at the Open World Championship is an 8th place at the European Championships seniors a 4th place.

I see till 2000 as my first powerlifting live. Highest lifted weights in a competition are: Squat 345kg, 215kg bench press, deadlift 320kg and total 867.5 kg. After that I gave training / coaching other athletes more time. In that period I was also sport coordinator and coach / trainer of the Dutch Powerlifting Federation (NPB) and I was webmaster of the IPF (untill 2007). The most famous athletes that I trained to their top level are: Peter Baltus (Strongest Man of Netherland 2003) and Ielja Strik (multiple European and World champion bench press and powerlifting), Brenda van de Meulen, Judith Meerding and Pardeep Kailey. At this moment I train with Sandra Wildeman, Wesley Ortega and Peter Baltus. From 2008, I quit as coach and sport coordinator and this meant for me that I have more time to train for myself and I decided mid-2008 to focus on master competitions (age above 40).

From 2009 I do Masters tournaments so I have to this day the following weights lifted in a match: squat 342.5kg, 220kg bench press, dead lift 287,5kg and a total of 837.5kg. My goal is to squat 350kg, 225kg bench press and deadlift 300kg again. To achieve this challenge is the support of Titan a big boost to realize my goals.

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Or check www.powerlifting.info

My favorite exercise is squat. Because squat is a technical exercise and the most stressful events during a competition, everything have to match to make your biggest squat. It gives me a big kick when I squat the weight which is loaded on the barbell.

My training philosophy: it’s about a few things:
1. The will to train (means discipline)
2. Make sure you do not over train.
3. The point is not how hard you train, but how you train (execution),
4. The mental aspect is much bigger than people think. (According to my feelings: 40% mental, 30% technique and 30% power).
5. Stick to your plan and if you deviate from it (train only lighter than plan, training heavier than your plan, this helps 2).
6. Train from what you can and train not from what you want. The moment you train too long and too much from what you want. This will help you to achieve 2.
7. Focus your lifting goals which you want to lift at a competition. So you have to lift them at the competition and not in the training. Otherwise it helps you to get 2.
8. You have to do things themselves and it means that you don’t have to do by your own. In other words, a trainer/coach/trainings partner can help you (guard) to train from what you can and help you to realize your goals.
9. When you do what you always had done. You get what you always got. When you don't want that the is number 10 an option ;-)
10. When you start thinking differently, this will means you will start doing differently.