Impressive weekly ‘normal’ powerlifting training after a step backwards …….

In my personal update I wrote today, that I have to deal with the issues of my brain operation (you can read this blog here! Therefore I have to make step backwards when I have lack of energy….. I have to figure out what my limits are (in my normal life)… It is just like powerlifting =0

Wednesday I took a step backwards in my training to have enough energy for today’s training. With the knowledge I have from the past 😉 and also I read on I took some rest in the afternoon :-I

Also I decided to training with ‘lighter’ weights than last week Friday.
During the warm-up with squats I made some different steps and reps that previous training. During the warm-up it felt good and steady. At the end I finished with 3x 195kg (belt & sleeves) 🙂
With deadlift I pulled 3x205kg as final sets 🙂 During the bench press I took to little rest between one last and last set. Therefore I stopped when I pressed 2x 120kg instead of 3. Overall a big suprise for me and at this stage an impressive training 😀

Goodmornings 3×8 20kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×5 70kg 5x100kg 3×130 3x160kg (belt) 2x180kg (belt) 3x195kg (belt & sleeves)
Deadlift 2×3 120kg 3x150kg 2x170kg 3x190kg 3x205kg (belt)
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 5x80kg 3x100kg 3x110kg (wrist wraps) 2x120kg (belt & wrist wraps)
Strechting cycle

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  1. Good to read how this step back is working out just right for you. Amazing that you are able to press that much weight. I appreciate you sharing this with us. I will skip to the “hersenuitleg” part xoxo Iris

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