Results Powerlifting Nationals Masters 2017

What can I say. It was very awesome to lift today even though the weights are low, it felt awesome. 5 months ago it was over and now I’m standing on the platform again 😀 Since May 1987 I’m lifting Powerlifting Nationals juniors, open and masters 🙂
The last few days I did too much and my mind (brain) wasn’t fully charged today. So for a next meet I have to do what I ‘normally’ ‘did’ do for a meet…………. NOTHING………. 🙂 😀 😆

Video at the end of the blog 😉

2×8 20kg 5x70kg 5x100kg 3x130kg 2x160kg 1×180kg (belt)
Opener: 195kg (sleeves + belt)
2nd attempt: 210kg (wraps + belt) due lack of fully energy I skipped an attempt with tighter sleeves and did it straight away with knee wraps 🙂
3rd attempt: 220kg (wraps + belt)
Bench press:
2×8 20kg 8x50kg 5x70kg 2×3 90kg 1×110
Opener: 120kg
2nd attempt: 127,5kg not totally focused and I pushed too much and therefor I skipped my 3rd attempt.
3x90kg 3x120kg 3x150kg 1x180kg 1x200kg
Opener: 220kg
2nd attempt: 230kg
3rd attempt: failed 240kg I didn’t start correct and made thereby an mistake with my breathing. So I let it go.

Great support from Henk and Gerrit and very nice responses from the attendees 🙂