Training 30-5-2017 body is stranger than my mind …..

In the last days I feel exhausted and then mostly in my head. This made me more rest. Yesterday, I skipped my training. Today, I also had little sense and to stimulate myself I did a variation on squats. Therefore, it was important to concentrate during the exercise. After that I did some deadlifts and to show myself that my body is stronger than my mind these days I did 200kg deadlift for reps, after I did some sets 🙂

Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg
Wobbly squats
5x 70kg (50kg + 20kg dumbells)
5x90kg (70kg + 20kg dumbells)
5x110kg (70kg + 40kg dumbells)
5x130kg (70kg + 40kg dumbells + 20kg chains)
3x150kg (90kg + 40kg dumbells + 20kg chains)
3x170kg (110kg + 40kg dumbells + 20kg chains)

Deadlift 2×5 120kg 3×3 160kg 5x200kg (no belt)