Deload training 1 of 3 …… deloading with light triples ……

Deloading for coming meet started on Saturday with 5×5 100kg squats, 5×3 140kg deadlift and 5×3 100kg bench press. Today I did 5×3 with 120kg squats, 120kg deadlift and 90kg bench press.
Tomorrow I will deload with 3×2 with progressive weight compare today and the day after tomorrow I will do 2×1 with progressive weight compare today. You have read ‘progressive’:lol: 😀

Planke 5x 35 seconds
Knee raises 5×15
Goodmornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 90kg 5×3 120kg
Deadlift 5×3 120kg (Oepss I did 6 sets…. 😆 😀 )
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 2×5 70kg 5×3 90kg

55 minutes workout…

Deload week is started, time to charge the battery for next week meet

Yesterday I had my final rehearsal and that went very good in my opinion. My body and mind are tired due the impulses it get 🙂 Since I do CardioPowerLifting every day I have a sore body 🙂 Next week I want to challenge myself at the meet, so for that purpose I need to deloaded my training today and the coming training. Through this I decided to skip al 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 4-in-1 and mindf@#k sets. Light weights and keep up the pace. Recovery time 🙂

Planken 5x 35 seconds
Knee reases 5x 15
Goodmornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 2×5 80kg
5×5 100kg (within 4 minutes and 30 seconds)
Deadlift 5×3 140kg (in 4 minutes)
Romanian deadlift 5×8 70kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×5 55kg 2×5 80kg 5×3 100kg (within 3 minutes)
Fly’s 5×8 5kg
Strechting cycle

75 minutes workout

Weekly Powerlifting training and final test for the Master Nationals May 21st

Although I had a busy week for my self at work and luckly it was good to do it 🙂
Also with my work and normal I have to figure out what my basis level is. Yesterday it was great at work and I went over my limit 😉 And today I had a great lunch appointment with a friend which didn’t see for years. It was great and also this kind of meetings cost me a lot energy. With this knowlegde I adjust the training for today on 2 points.

  • training at home (instead of the Gym) so I’ve got only interaction (and music) with myself. Therefore less incentives.
  • I make less reps.

These 2 adjustments helped me keep enough energy and focus to do a nice and good final rehearsal for the Nationals Powerlifting Masters for next week.

Program today:
Goodmornings 3×8 20kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×5 70kg 5x100kg 3x130kg 2x160kg (no belt) 2×187,5kg (only belt) 1×202,5kg new PB (training sleeves + belt) 🙂
Deadlift 2×3 120kg 3x150kg 1x180kg 1×202,5kg 1×222,5kg (belt ‘loose’) 1×232,5kg new PB (tigther belt) 🙂
With deadlift I felt I put too much pressure on my head. I was more willing to pull, than I was focus on a good lift off and focus on my breathing.
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×5 60kg 5x85kg 2x105kg 1×117,5kg (wrist wraps) 1×127,5kg new PB (wrist wraps + belt)

In my opinion a very good final rehearsal. 202,5kg – 127,5kg  –  232,5kg is a (sub) total of 562,5kg at this stage…… What will I be able to lift next week Sunday? 😉
A lot of light weight trainings coming up the coming days 🙂 Recovery time……



Maximum goal and minimum goal for the May 21st……

The meet on May 21st (Nationals Masters) is coming closer and coming Friday is my final test. In this training I will make up my mind (strategy) for the meet. When I make my strategy (game plan) I work also with a maximal goal and minimum goal. This helps me to get focus on my new goal, when the meet is over. When you have only a maximum goal and you don’t achieved it, there is an possibility it frustrate you very much. What I learned in the past, this ain’t helping me. I like to work with a positive fibe and therefore a minimum goal is helping me to get that fibe.  So all my 2nd attempts are my minimum goals and with my 3rd attempts I want to make the difference with that capacity I got on that moment. In my believe you can make up your mind (strategy / game plan) for 95% for the meet. The last 5% is the feeling (shape) of the day. What is the flow you are lifting in. To achieve that flow (and 95% knowledge of your capacity) the last two weeks of your training most be a contribution to that plan.

Okay what have this to do with the program of today’s training? 🙂
A lot. Although I felt my battery (energy level) is/was better than last week Wednesday, I did the same program as last week Wednesday. Yesterday and last Saturday I made to final step (mental push) towards my limits. Knowing that coming Friday is a small test to lift my openers / around my 2 attempts, a step backwards is helping me to make the following step forwards.

The question is: What will be my maximum and minumum goals for May 21st? What do you think, what I’m able to lift?

Program today:
Planken 5x 35 seconds
Knee raises 5x 15
Good mornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 2×5 70kg (warm-up sets)
3-in-1 squats (variation of slow, pause & normal squats)
5 sets with 90kg 3 reps slow, 3 reps pause & 3 reps normal (speed)
Deadlift 3-in-1 sets 5 sets of 2 reps 110kg (full, romanian & lift off)
Sumo deadlift 2-in-1 sets 3 sets 3 reps 90kg (full & romanian)
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg  (warm-up sets)
3-in-1 bench press 5 sets with 70kg 3 reps narrow, 3 reps middle & 3 reps wide grip.

Push myself towards my limits adding some of my willpower…..

Although my mind is not working like I want. The battery is not charging fully on…. So today I needed (more) willpower…… and it help me to push me towards my limits….. With squats I was able to squat 5×3 130kg (instead of 5×3 125kg last week) in 4 minutes and with bench press I pressed 5×3 105kg (instead of 100kg last week) also in 4 minutes. Shoulder grip I did 5×3 90kg (instead of 85kg last week) < 3 minutes 🙂 Because I pushed myself today I know I have to do a step backwards tomorrow. The reason of this session is that I know my weekly ‘normal’ powerlifting session on Friday will be harder. And I know this will give me a mentally boost to get focused for the meet of May 21th 😉

On my statement I had the following reaction: Do you just need as much willpower as real power? Like today my willpower generates my focus and still focus on my technique my real power is able to execute the exercise.

You can make the next sums:
Willpower + technique = generates more realpower (in the end)
Willpower + less technique = generates less realpower (in the end)
Willpower + realpower + technique = generates the most kilograms (in the end)
Willpower + realpower + less (poor) technique = generates less kilograms (in the end)

So yes willpower (Mental Flexibility) is the step to success followed by technique………

Program today:
Planken 5x 35 seconds
Goodmornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 100kg 5×3 130kg (4 minutes)
Deadlift 3 sets of 2-in-1 3x140kg directly followed by 3x120kg
Sumo deadlift 3 sets 3-in-1 3x120kg directly followed by 2x125kg and 1x130kg
Romanain deadlift 5×8 70kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 85kg 5×3 100kg (4 minutes)
Shoulder grip bench press 5×3 90kg (3 minutes)
Fly’s 5×8 5kg
Strechting cycle

Total workout 90 minutes (all final sets recorded)

Statement yes or no? Please leave your comments….

In my opinion a lot of powerlifters is training to heavy. Ofcourse they are making progress only I think on the longterm they have less progress due lack of technique. Do you what my thinking is?
When you train to heavy you train to hard on willpower. Although you want to improve your technique, your body isn’t able to improve the technique. When you training to heavy, your strong points will improve more compare your weak points, so at the end (longterm) you have less progress. Also you when you train more on technique you will get less injures and this also helps you to generate more progression on the longterm. A lot of lifters don’t have the capacity to make a proper, although their squat is making meet depth……… And yes you need heavy (overload) workouts…..
Do you agree on this statement? Yes or No?

New Masterclass coming up :-)

More information will be posted on the facebook pagina Ironhouse and/or website of Ironhouse. Love to meet the powerlifters of the future 🙂

The first Powerlifting MasterClass with Wim Wamsteeker was a truly great day and an amazing seminar!So great that we…

Geplaatst door Iron House Co. op maandag 8 mei 2017

Tough training and I hold my ‘basic level’ and needed thereby more time for the whole workout…..

Today it was a hard session for me. I was tough to hold my ‘basic’ level with the weights, reps and sets. Mostly through a very tired ‘brain’ and this cost me a lot of energy. Nevertheless I’m focused to my ‘comeback’ on the platform on 21st of May. Last Friday went pretty well and this give me the confidence I will lift ‘good’ within my current possibilities. Therefor it is important to hold myself back and listen to what I feel…. So today I did what I wanted to do and took more rest between the sets and this session lasted 120 minutes instead of 90 minutes. At the end I felt I had some more energy during the bench press, so I added 5kg to the 3-in-1 sets compared with last week Monday 🙂

Planken 5x 35 seconds
Knee raises 5x 15
Goodmornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 90kg
5 sets 4-in-1 set 3x120kg 3x100kg 3x80kg 3x60kg (front squat)
5 sets 3-in-1 set conventional deadlift 3×120 full, romanian and lift off
5×3 120kg sumo deadlift
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 80kg
3 sets 3-in-1 3x100kg 3x95kg 3x90kg
Shoulder grip bench press 5×3 80kg
Fly’s 5×8 5kg
Strechting cycle