Pause squats, deadlift with stop and bench press with stop (legs up)

Still training low level. First I want to control my energy level and concentration bow. There for more focus on my therapy and taking more rest during the training and over the whole day. This small training gave me a feeling of satisfaction. My body is really stronger than my mind at this moment 😀

Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 5x80kg
Pause squats 5x110kg 3x130kg 3x150kg
Deadlift 2×5 110kg 3x140kg
Deadlift with stop after lift-off 3x170kg 2×3 190kg
Bench press (legs up) 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 8x70kg 5x90kg 3x105kg 3x115kg