9.3km jogging session with only 4 stops (walking session)

Wow I fullfill the round I want to jog without a stop, only with 4 stops (walking sessions) today….. 10km jogging without stopping is coming closer….. When I got home I forgot to push the finish button 😆 Maybe I thought #thereisnofinishline

It helps to connect with a functional symbiosis …… read the comments at my previous blog….. I don’t  know what burpees are, only I think it will be looking very funny with bodyweight over the 125kg…. So I don’t like that…. Last Tuesday I fillfull 10kg jogging + walking and therefore I know today I have the physical power to fullfull this round jogging. It is all about stage within your boundaries to make a step forwards to strechting up your boundaries…..

4 thoughts on “9.3km jogging session with only 4 stops (walking session)”

  1. Are you sure you are getting closer to the 10 km run without a stop or a burpee? I am not that convinced. I Don’t want to lose this bet you know. Keep me posted and Take good care of your joints. Xoxo

  2. Yes I’m sure and I know you will lose this bet……. and further bets…. because you won’t deadlift over 210kg+ at the Western European Championships…… You know how come…… Watch your video of your heaviest set…….. when you lifted 2 instead of 3 reps……. love you too X

    1. I will let this comment you made slide. Because I know you are grumpy, hungry and missing us in your home gym :-)))). I already won this bet.. You better give me 5 burpees in advance. And I will at least surprise you on the deadlift. Mark my words. Love you more xoxo

      1. Yes I miss you in my homegym….. and next you will felt it that I missed you…. believe my….. semi heavy training……. and yes you will win the bet because I believe in you (both)

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