17km becomes 18,5km…… beautiful nature in few square kilometers

Yesterday I didn’t walk, jog or cycle…… I don’t to do that when it is raining ? Today I made a very nice walk with Mirella through the Dutch nature. Watch all the pictures (below) I made to see all that different nature with a few square kilometers. During the walk we also ate some blackberries. Really awesome to have this so close at home. It reminds me when I was a kid and my mother took of for a walk through the same forrest. Years ago we did the same with Kick and Loïs when they were little. Hope give me to enjoy this more in the future. You can walk different routes which is linked to a color. Yes I picked black …… and this is the longest route…. whaha…… The route sign said 17km and it become 18,6km ?

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Author: Wim Wamsteeker

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One thought on “17km becomes 18,5km…… beautiful nature in few square kilometers”

  1. Wim wat hebben we hier vroeger van genoten,,,
    Het was altijd fijn om wandelingen te maken,, De omgeving en de dorpen zijn hier zo mooi,, en vaak zijn het ook maar kleine dingen.Waar je blij van wordt..
    Fijn dat je deze wandelingen ook onder neemt, dat maakt je hoofd leeg en je leert ook alles veel meer te waarderen,,
    Geniet er van,, de dagen vliegen als zandkorrels door je vingers. En volg nog veel mooie routes,,

    Je Ma…

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