Impressive and it is therefore important to keep remembering and honoring it

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Yesterday we were on our way home and then we drove through the village of Margraten. At a crossroads there was a big “advertising” sign with a kneeling girl on a large amount of white crosses. We talked about the “advertising” sign and a few miles away was a “American Cementary” sign. We all said, at the same time, that we wanted to watch.

A lot of information can be found on the website Nevertheless I want to share you more about this place. The place is beautiful and well maintained. The grass is kept wonderfully and that is the reflection of my idea ‘area’ in time.






It was (is) terrible that a lot of humans died during World War II. The men who are buried here or are commemorated have died for our freedom. Young people how had a future ahead, give it any for us. When I was 18 I fuulfil my obligatory military service. My son is now 19. I cann’t imagine that I or my son had to go to War for other peoples freedom.

Although I made one picture of Medal of Honor. All humans who died for our freedom have to deserve a Medal.

Today I took some time to google about the person names which are written on the memorial stones I photographed.
Robert C Cole Medal of Honor, impressive story, click here!
Two brothers John and Pete Zacchi, died on the same day. Can you image what impact that must have been for their partners?
Wayne R. de Leeuw
Jackson J James
Mario Pellegrino
John T Byerly
Richard H. Holstein
Palmer F. Schuetzle
John. K. Craig

So we have to remember and honor these people! Thank you.