My oh My….

My oh My….

Where did I get myself in to? That is a question I get asked a lot lately. But it is al so a question I ask myself. :-). I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. I believe in adventures whole year around meaning: Improving my technique | Working on my strength| Building experience. Change will come if you open up to it.

Whilst talking ….
with @wimwam1 [Wim] during one of our trainingsessions he told me it was possible to try some equipped lifting. It would be fun he said. Mostly because with equipped lifting your technique is ‘key’, slacking on it is unforgiving and will determine how you get through your attempts. A long the side of your focuss, will and intentions.

I’m known….
for asking questions but al so for trying out new stuff. Before even knowing where I get myself in to. It has something to do with being curious and trying to improve myself and see what I’m capable of. December 2016 and in in the beginning of 2017 I tried equipped lifting on a squat before.

At one of those occassons I could not get out of a squat with 160KG. What I still remember to this day is how it feels to don’t get up and sit your ass D O W N, al so known as 3 red lights.
I can tell you that with your legs strapped it is not that easy to get up by yourself anyway. Eventhough I didnt made that attempt I kept wondering how it would feel being able to master such a craft.

Here we go….
This time around I had a full equipped training. The equipped training started after the classic/raw training of each segment was done. In my mind I was like; Huh mate are your freaking kidding me? How can one manage to recharge themselfs to keep on lifting.

Let me break my third (squat) equipped experience down in the following steps:
1th step….Try to find the right size suit…
2th step….Try to get in that suit…
3th step….Ask for help to wear that suit…
4th step….Stretch your legs to get strapped…
5th step….Trying not to hit someone for getting the straps on…
6th step….Receiving help to get up…
7th step….Approach the rack…
8th step….Manage to get in the rack…
9th step….Realising that your C R A Z Y…
10th step….L I F T.

Getting strapped….
Felt kinda painfull at least for me. Wim was having a blast and said he’d put the straps on losely. I think he has another dicitionary than I have. Luckily the uncomfortable feeling faded away when I noticed I was able to wiggle towards the bar, after he helped me to get up. Focussing on bending my knees, trying to create the right speed and let the equippment work for me was a big task. Feeling all this weight on my back was epic besided the fact it burned like #hell hitting dept. It felt like magic getting out of the 170KG squat attempt though.

I am working on my bench. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to bench in a shirt yet! Due to the fact there was none available in my size. I’m looking forward to do so, cause knowing how to bench is something I’m eager to learn and needs a lot of work.

Caught me by surprise….
On deadlifts I managed to feel what equippment can do for you if the technique is on point, you keep your cool and keep pulling. I was amazed with the amount of speed that made the 180KG deadlift come U P. It caught me by surprise in this loose suit 🙂

2017 is coming to it’s end….

and I did my final training….. The training was mentally and psyhically very tough… Thinking over about this year…. the beginning and the ending of this turbelent year…. Uncertian what the new year will bring… The results of the neuropsychological tests  and MRI will be discussed in January and I’m hoping that answer can be given and I can settle my life with the ‘new’ Wim and generate the power what I was used to focus on the bright future…. Step by step expecting that I cann’t control everything about myself….. My brain is working by it self 😀

Training (within 1 hour)
Squat 3×3 110kg
Deadlift 3×3 140kg
Bench press 3×3 80kg


Iris Kensenhuis did here 1st suited squat and deadlift training

Iris did here 1st suited squat & deadlift training. The suit is really loose and just a good step in here equipped powerlifting carreer 🙂 She will write here own blog about here experience about this training. 🙂
I joined here with during the excersises and went up to 5x130kg squat, 5×92,5kg bench press and 5x160kg deadlift.

Yesterday the neuropsychological tests were confronted and I’m curious what the outcome will be, which will bespoke on 22th January. The results of the MRI will be discussed on 16th January. For the sleep test I have to wait for about 8 weeks 🙁

In the video below 1 attempt of Iris here suited (equipped) squat & deadlift.

Added some extra trigger to continue my trainingsessions….

Today I registered myself for the Classic Powerlifitng Nationals Master (I), FOX GYMwhich will be held on 4th of February at Fox Gym. The coming weeks I will figure out if I really will/able to participate. Most important it is for me a motivation to continue my trainingsessions.

The last days it was great in houses ‘Wamsteeker’. The sisters Kensenhuis stayed over and we had great time during the light weight trainingsessions. Good for our motivation.

Tomorrow a big day for me. The neuropsychological tests will taken place. 20th January the test results will be discussed. Hopefully next week I will get the results of the MRI, from last week Thursday.

Trainingsession today:
Squats 5×3 90kg
Deadlift 5×3 110kg
Bench press 5×3 70kg

Depending on my energy level tomorrow afternoon, after the tests, if I will train tomorrow or join Iris on Saturdaymorning and first equipped training 😀

Socks from the past ……

You never know what the future will bring….

Christmas day (2) just some light weight deadlift excersises….

Today still recovery from Sunday and doing light weight deadlift excersises. Doing light weight is feeling good. The sisters Kensenhuis did their program and it was also light for one of them 😉 😆 Also Sven den Houting came by to train and did one of his first suited squat training for his Nationals end of February. He squatted very easily 🙂

Light training session together with the sisters Kensenhuis

Although it is Christmas, it is always time to train….. ofcourse……
Like the old together with Michael Kalter and the rest of the boys. Big memories when I was not feeling that well and just came by to open the Gym…. Jos Verhagen (my trainer) told me: get your stuff and join the training. The training you skip you cann’t catch up….. And your competitors are you one step ahead. The good old days 🙂

Today light squat & bench session which I use to recover from yesterday training. Merry Christmas…. 🙂

TESTday :-) after less than 5 weeks training

On 20th November I start up my again, after inspiration by some lovely people. Most important for me is to keep the pressure (out) of my head. There for I’m lifting with my mouth open and bring my breathing towards my stomic. The mean focus in my training is my joy, technique, lifting easy “light” and generate the mindset what required these things 🙂

In my blog you read that I trained with light weights the last 5 weeks and today I had my “TEST”day…. just to show some people that I can still lifting some (light) weights 🙂

1st attempt 180kg
2nd attempt 195kg
3rd attempt 202,5kg

Bench press
1st attempt 102,5kg
2nd attempt 112,5kg
3rd attempt 120kg

1st attempt 200kg
2nd attempt 220kg
3rd attempt 232,5kg This attempt reminds my of Bill Kazmaier his deadlift attemtp at the Worlds 1983 😉 So I will hold the bar next time and won’t throw/smash it on the ground 😀

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!!

TESTday after less than 5 weeks light weight training ? Video of all my 'meet' attempts added in my blog (link in bio) Most I'm glad that I can train with light weights and have to fun like I lifted enormously weight from the past ?? And now it is Christmas ? Enjoy âžĄïž ✔Where power and support unite ✔Go Forth with Titan Support ✔The number 1 Powerlifting supplier. ✔Always the Orginator. Never the Imitator. #skwot #skwots #skwaat #skwaats #squats #squat #bands#chains #wobblysquats#slowsquats #pausesquats #pausesquat #deadlifts#deadlifting #deadlift #workout#strengthtraining #yellowjackets#supportsystems #thp #sterksteman #strongmen #crossfit #crossfitnl#yellowjackets #pwrlftr #powerlifter #powerlifting #yllwjckts #benchpress #cardiopowerlifting

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20th training after I started on 20th November….

With an average of 4 times a week, I did my 20th training after I started on 20th November. What does this means? ……. Nothing….. Only I like statitics 🙂

My 21th will be my personal meet, this will be Sunday. What do you think?

Today I pushed myself towards my mental barrier. My head is feeling tired and I know that my body can handle more and therefore I added some weights in today’s light weight session 🙂

Squat 3×2 150kg
Deadlift 3×2 170kg
Bench press 3×2 92,5kg

Yesterday I had my MRI scan and the noise make me very tired. Even I know it the too much noise is killing me, this even confirm it 🙂 Next week Friday I had my neuropsycholy tetst and the outcome will be discussed on 22th of January. I’m pleased that the people in the hosipital are helping me on that short notice. Thank you #noordwestzh Noord West Ziekenhuisgroep.

Recovery …. next level :-)

This week it is recovery 😆 so I get ready for my Sunday meet. Today’s training was hard, due mental fatigue 🙂 Nevertheless I keep up the pass and fullfill the light weight session.

Squat 3×3 120kg
Deadlift 3×3 140kg
Bench press 3×3 80kg

😆 recovery training…. normally this was just warn-up …. and also now I enjoy it…. and that is the most important for me at this stage. Blog (link in bio) âžĄïž ✔Where power and support unite ✔Go Forth with Titan Support ✔The number 1 Powerlifting supplier. ✔Always the Orginator. Never the Imitator. #skwot #skwots #skwaat #skwaats #squats #squat #bands#chains #wobblysquats#slowsquats #pausesquats #pausesquat #deadlifts#deadlifting #deadlift #workout#strengthtraining #yellowjackets#supportsystems #thp #sterksteman #strongmen #crossfit #crossfitnl#yellowjackets #pwrlftr #powerlifter #powerlifting #yllwjckts #benchpress #cardiopowerlifting

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