Doing less is better than doing too much…..

Yesterday evening it was a tough training session. The light weights felt heavier like it felt on Tuesday. Nevertheless it gave me a good feeling. Today or tomorrow I had or have to do my final semi heavy light weigth training session for next week ‘meet’ with myself. Due my tired mind, I followed my intuition and doing less weight as planned. One of mine believes is: You may decided to train with less weight and don’t more weights as planned.

Therefore I did only:
Squat 5×3 90kg
Deadlift 5×3 110kg
Bench press 5×3 70kg

Most important that my mind will rest in the coming 24 hours for my semi heavy light weight training. Will my squats today 50%, my deadlift 52,5% and bench press 63% of tomorrow semi heavy light weights? To stay on track it is okay to make 1 or 2 step backwards and still stay in contact with your goal(s)…..

My next week goal (at least) is making a double with 8 reds and colars on deadlifts…. 😉 What will it be on squats and bench press…. ?