Added some extra trigger to continue my trainingsessions….

Today I registered myself for the Classic Powerlifitng Nationals Master (I), FOX GYMwhich will be held on 4th of February at Fox Gym. The coming weeks I will figure out if I really will/able to participate. Most important it is for me a motivation to continue my trainingsessions.

The last days it was great in houses ‘Wamsteeker’. The sisters Kensenhuis stayed over and we had great time during the light weight trainingsessions. Good for our motivation.

Tomorrow a big day for me. The neuropsychological tests will taken place. 20th January the test results will be discussed. Hopefully next week I will get the results of the MRI, from last week Thursday.

Trainingsession today:
Squats 5×3 90kg
Deadlift 5×3 110kg
Bench press 5×3 70kg

Depending on my energy level tomorrow afternoon, after the tests, if I will train tomorrow or join Iris on Saturdaymorning and first equipped training 😀