Iris Kensenhuis did here 1st suited squat and deadlift training

Iris did here 1st suited squat & deadlift training. The suit is really loose and just a good step in here equipped powerlifting carreer πŸ™‚ She will write here own blog about here experience about this training. πŸ™‚
I joined here with during the excersises and went up to 5x130kg squat, 5×92,5kg bench press and 5x160kg deadlift.

Yesterday the neuropsychological tests were confronted and I’m curious what the outcome will be, which will bespoke on 22th January. The results of the MRI will be discussed on 16th January. For the sleep test I have to wait for about 8 weeks πŸ™

In the video below 1 attempt of Iris here suited (equipped) squat & deadlift.