Light session…. set up for up coming light ‘heavy’ session

This week I felt my energy to do this is much improved and this makes my happier 🙂 Therefor I tyred now… because I have to pay the price to do more… nevertheless this tiredness is much better than I had before…. 🙂 I had stiffnes during the warm-up and it is okay to do less…. Most important that I get ready for my next light ‘heavy’ session which I will do probably on Sunday. See how I feel tomorrow morning to do some light training 🙂 Most important Iris is coming over to train tomorrow.  An equipped training session is planned for here… and this will need all the attention. Curious what the next step will bring here in equipped lifting…. Will she be suprised tomorrow ? …… We keep you posted.

Training today:
Squats 3×3 120kg
Deadlift 3×3 150kg
Bench press 3×3 90kg