Lighter weights than planned and pleased with my trainingresults

Although I trained with lighter weights than planned. I’m very pleased with the results. Most of all the last week I had a big breakthrough with my mental energy. So I’m doing more things (work related) and

therefore I skipped my afternoon sleeping session 🙂 And I’m still feeling much better than the week before, with less physical rest. I also adjusted my foodprogram and wanted to become  under the 120kg. Combine this and the results, with less physical energy (real power) and that is ok. Mentally feeling much better gives me a lot of joy. The physical strength will come back in the coming weeks, when my body is used to it. Hopefully the sleeptest will make a next step in my personal health. My midnigth sleep pattern is really worse and feeling so much better is really awesome 🙂 During training I took a bit more time between the sets and thus this training took me 90 minutes. Today I worn my Titan Compression socks, fits really great, click here for more information.

Highest weights today:
Squats 3x175kg
Deadlift 3x210kg
Bench press 2x115kg