Results neuro psychological tests and wobbly/chain training….

Yesterday I got the results of the neuro psychological tests. The results have determined that there is no memory disorder. Unfortunately the test results indicate that my memory is average compared to the people who have my work and / or level of education. Some tests are above average and some are excellent. So that is the good part. Medically there is no problem and yet I experience there is. My energy level isn’t what it used to be. Hopefully the sleepingtest can give the doctor and myself the information I need to change my current sleep rhythm to a normal “regular” sleep rhythm. I’m hoping that this helps me to charge my personal battery, so I can manage to do at least the same (or even more) like I did before.

Due the tough 2,5 years my mind can still be overloaded. Especially because of  my bad sleep rythm. The most important thing remains; still after 1 year the pain is still gone :-D.  I have to treasure that…….

Today’s training went steady….. after I did some personal steps…. 🙂
After normal warming-up and squat warm-ups I did:
Wobbly pause squats 3×3 110kg (plus 30kg dumbells) total 140kg
Followed by normal warm-up deadlift with
3×3  160kg (plus chains) total I don’t know yet, because I don’t know the weight of the chains.
Finally I bench pressed and did my normal warm-up. Finished with
wobbly bench press 3×3 90kg (plus each side 7,5kg) total 105kg.