Mental barrier …. for next week meet….

Today I had my final semi heavy light weight training session befor next week meet. I made doubles with weights just under the openers I planned for next week. Although I’m looking forward lifting on a platform, I feel I got a mental barrier.

Due the lack of control of my energy and current mental capacity (belastbaarheid), I’m curious if I can handle the crowd and the amount of incentives (like noice). The easiest way to handle your fair is to face it….. Nevertheless the coming week will cost me some energy. It is awesome for myself that I will lift next week, although the weights are less than I’m used to lift compared to what I lifted in the past.

I consider it as a challenge to lift (sub) maximum, within the possibilities I got. The biggest boundary will be to keep (maximum) pressure out of my head 🙂 So therefor I’m lifting with my mouth open. This makes it easier to manage the breathing towards my stomach and when I’ve got pressure on my head it will be at the back of my head.

Just also read the lasted blog of Iris Kensenhuis aka click here!

Back to today’s training 🙂  To honour the start of my lifting career I worn my retro lifting shoes. The NIKE Air Force I (25th Anniversary edition). Just to keep to focus on my technique and bring some Ointment in the training, so Manion was there.

Here I worn them at my first Nationals (juniors 1987, which I won) 18 years old 🙂


Finished with: (video below)
Squats 2x190kg
Deadlift 2x210kg
Bench press 2×107,5kg

Coming weeks just 3 light weight trainingsession 🙂