Classic Powerlifting Nationals Master I 2018…… started at the Powerlifting Nationals (juniors) in 1987

Where will I start 🙂 Looking back this year gives me a lot of uncertain feelings and thoughts. And at the end the trigeminal neuralgia is gone for a year….. Believe me that is really awesome.

Nevertheless I have to cope that my live has changed after the brain operation. Step by step it’s becoming easier if I hold the boundaries I’ve got now….. Before my illness I didn’t have any boundaries in work, training etc. 🙂 Now I take my rest during the day and plan my work (even better) I feel I got more grip on it (again). Trainingsessions during the week are maximum 1 hour and in the weekend I train only once. That session does not take longer than 1,5 hour. So I’ve created a new way of training (light weight sessions 🙂 ). Besides that I found a new way of breathing (to keep the pressure out of my head) feels great. Like a little kid 🙂 Although I don’t lift the weights I did in the past. I’m able to lift on the platform again. And that gives me a lot of joy and a goal to train.

In 1987 I lifted my 1st Powerlifting Nationals (juniors at the age of 18 🙂 ) Since then I lifted at least 1 national competition per year 🙂  So 31 years in a row and still feeling like a junior.

Today Iris was my coach and Ilrish was here back support. Please read the blog of Iris and watch here video. She had a great equipped session yesterday. click here!  Thank you both for your support. You did a great job.

Squats: I opened with 195kg (no sleeves), 2nd squat 207,5kg and 3rd 212,5kg
Bench press: Started with 120kg (no belt), 2nd 125kg and 3rd 127,5kg





Deadlift: 1st attempt 220kg (no belt), 2nd 235kg and 3rd 242,5kg
Total of 582,5kg and that is good for the moment. Unfortunately the next meet which I can compete will be in September……. or I have to lift a the Equipped Powerlifting Nationals at the end of this moment…… Will that be wise at this moment? No……. At the Equipped Powerlifting Nationals I got another thing to do 😉

Video of today’s Nationals. Recorded by Ilrish Kensenhuis. Thank you 🙂