Wobbly squats, bench press and chain deadlifts…… and ready for sleeptest

This I had a ligth weight session, ofcourse 😉  And I added bands with dumbells and chains to the excersises squats, deadlift and bench press.
Below an impression of today’s training.

Squats (wobbly) 3×2 90kg + 30kg dumbells + 20kg chains
Deadlift 3×2 160kg + 20kg chains
Bench press 3×2 70kg + 20kg plates + 20kg chains

Also I had an appointment for my sleeptesting for tonight. Looking like the man of six million dollar 😀 ……. I thought by myself…. I can also visited the trainstation and just walk around without my jacket…… Curious what they call a measure during the night and what the outcome will be of this test. On 19th Februari I will know more…..