Nice Sunday training……

Yesterday I did a light trainingsession within the trainingsession of Iris & Ilrish. Friday I was to tired and gave my abductor some extra rest 🙂

Squats 3×3 100
Bench press 3×3 95
Deadlift 3×160

Today I had 75 minutes work-out and I felt good. Squatted 3×3 140kg (with my Titan Yellow Jackets 😉 Deadlifting went also good and unfortunately in my final set I had some slight reaction in my leg 🙁 Gladly after the set I had no pain reaction 🙂 Hopefully it is just connective tissue adhesion that came loose again…. Glad with 3×3 190kg. Bench press is feeling very good lately and I took a small step back and did 3×3 115kg follow with 3×3 135kg wearing my Titan Super Ram 😀