Progression, competition, mental and awareness …

Blog by: Ricky Bakker

Progression, competition, mental and awareness …

A build-up of 8 weeks, a contest preparation of 6 weeks. All carefully planned and adjusted. I think it’s all work towards 1 point. The match that is coming. But actually that is not the case at all. It is to prepare yourself for the fight during the match. Which is actually a party, in the words of the coach. Looking further, then making 1 race and progression in all areas of life. This sounds very intense, but I also use the lessons I learn in daily life. Example, planning your training to become stronger in a structured way also applies to planning your career. Or to be a better partner. Let Wim always be sharp, honest but also annoying. Exactly what I need, says Wim then :lol:.

This process to the Nationals 2018 was a fairly stable one. In this I made good steps. In terms of kilos, in terms of mindset. Very important and fine. But in this respect we have worked towards a nice NK. Mentally I always lose it from myself.

This game is also standing in the way of the mental. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. Good steps have been taken which have mainly seen my consciousness change in the past period. This has also been reflected during this competition. I do not press two lifts at benchpress. A rejected first deadlift. But still a PR on my second turn.

Now is time to start building! Refining goals and go for it!