Breath in ….. Breath out ……

Blog by: Ricky Bakker

As you maybe know or do not know, I will not compete at the SBD Cup classic… No I will compete Equipped. Or according to the coach; I’m really going to powerlift. Of course Wim speaks from his experience and perhaps also from nostalgia. 

I and many ‘new’ powerlifters with me, only know powerlifting as classic. Because that the way we started. We ‘know’ only from instagram or people we have seen doing equipped powerlifting. And that is why our opinion is based on that. At least that’s for me. Well I came up with the good idea to run the real race, including preparation as equipped lifter.

Let’s face it. We all think that in once 30/40 kilos comes with your squat, when you wear a  squat suit. That your bench press is increasing at least easy 15/25 kilos. Okay, hold that thought, because  I’ll come back that.

My preparation: The classic part is not going even that bad. It can be better on points. I am satisfied because I learn to lift, learn to think and especially learn to feel. If it goes a day or even a week less, then you can adjust the  weights. The main thing is that you train not how heavy, just how you train.

So that’s fun. Nice to experience that when we talk about ‘light weight’ training. That this is also a way to become stronger.

After a number of half suited squats training and with kneewraps. Last week I got finally my first fullequipped training. Man o man. I can tell you that it’s no fun and added 30/40 kilos on your squat you have to work for it (maybe harder … what do I say? You should hear me) .

 As my title says breath in and breath out, is difficult already. Wearing a squat suit forces you to squat like you’ve never experienced before, unless you’re used to it. It’s weird annd quite nice experience.

Well to finish this story I will do this with a little honesty.
Is this fun, so far I find this 50/50. Why? For a number of reasons. But one of them is: I can not get used of the pain.

Will I advise you to give this it a try?  Yes certainly! Why?  You have to experience full equipment powerlifting. And whether you like it after that or not, that is up to you to judge. But then you have it tried and experienced.

I continue with equipment powerlifting now step by step. First I will  performe on the SBD cup.

Well I go to bed with my knees nodded, because tomorrow I have my first full-suited training with Wim. And that is usually for one person party.

Happy Weekend All!

Oh and if you have any questions, if this has aroused your interest. You can always send me a message via IG (click here!) chat. Because maybe I can tell you the slightly less pleasant side as a starting euipped lifter. Just say it.