HIGH FIVES AND GOOD VIBES (my first blog on philiftsopy.com…..woot woot)

That sums these last few weeks up. And let me tell you it didn’t come easy. There is still plenty of more work left to do. While I’m writing this blog, after a pretty long and nice equipped training session with @wimam1 & @ilyscious I realize some thing; HIGH VIFES and GOOD VIBES are aspects I focus on and invest time in to fuel me up and keep me on track.


At this moment I’m five weeks and five days out for Competing at the WK EQUIPPED 2018. This will be my third equipped meet and 1th WK EQUIPPED meet ever to attend. And boy oh boy I’m very excited. Last week while supporting @rockstarricky and @grootjoostde at the SBD CUP 2018 someone asked me what style of powerlifting I like more…RAW or EQUIPPED.

I had to think a sec to answer that question. The answer is I don’t prefer one above the other, at the same time I’ve noticed in a short amount of time I grew a lot of appreciation for the dynamics and flow of equipped powerlifting. These features come to mind when I think about equipped powerlifting and somehow they relate to my personality. You can’t cheat your way out of your lifts and just like in life….there are no SHORT CUTS. I’m proud to say that it teaches me a lot about myself, life and lifting in general.

Last week and this week @ilyscious and @wimwam1 helped me to get me in my new suit. I’m the most impatient person in this planet. The magic word for me is STRETCH, when it comes down to clothing, quality time, being lazy, spending money, watching TV and enjoying FOOD. I like to stretch all of those activities. But my suit does not have any time for that. I just have to adapt, twist, pull, turn and go with the flow to get in to that thing. And the funniest part of it all; I can’t do it by myself. Want to have a good laugh for today (or the rest of this year) ?? Be sure to watch me trying to RUN the WORLD like a PRO *not so much* 🙂

Stay tuned on this site to see more bits and bites of my roallercoller ride to prepare for this meet.

Untill we meet again