First of all I want to thank all of you who rooted and cheered for me while I was getting ready for this meet. I’m thanking all of you who have send me sweet uplifting and sincere messages. You know who you are.

I’m over the moon and beyond thankfull for being  able to experience this sport and lifestyle that I become to know as powerlifting. Sharing the stage with people who are amazingly strong, experienced and determinated like no other is out of this world. I feel blessed.

This meet teached me to bent reality. Not being able to put a succesfull squat in threw me of guard. Halfway of the meet (including bench) I only got one good attempt in. Letting go of the dissapointed feeling and irrational thought that my participiation overall would count for nothing helped me to push through.

How in the world & in my right mind ‘could I even think that all I do and have done didn’t count for anything. It takes time and dedication to learn and understand this sport. Little did I know when I asked Wim, almost a year a go, to become my trainer-coach to let me experiene what IT takes to become a more skilled lifter. Showing me that the best gifts in life are not things. He also warned me that this al so means learning things the hard way without shortcuts and asked me to commit to that. Not being afraid of falling at least more times than I think I’m able to get up.
Sticking to the (master his)plan and focuss on the desired outcome is the key.
I’m forever gratefull for his friendship, undevided attention, severity and honest approach.

Being part of the Dutch Team, aka Lions is a honor. Seeing @Ankie Timmers on the top of her game and becomming the silver medalist was a blast. I’m proud to have seen her on fire and bringin home two medals.Special support I received from my #1 wingwoman @ilyscious who flew in to be part of this all and experiencing this with me. It is truly a blast to be surrounded by all this people who witnessed under what circumstances I became the #1 in deadlift within the -84kg class. I had seen enough red lights for one day (eventhough it is my favourite color…but enough is enough 🙂 

I had a rough morning….and I had a though meet….looking back at IT I would not have IT any other way. Making sure I keep learning and there is still plenty more to experience out there.#No one to blame
#No shame in my game
#Untill we meet again