Powerlifting Nationals Masters II 2019

My final Nationals went very good. With big help of my friend Peter Baltus, coaching me during the meet. Michael Kalter my other was also competing so it as a memorable day for. Like the old days when we 3 lifted together.

The day before I felt some nerves I didn’t feld for a long time. Like I did when I started competing. Knowing that this were my final Nationals made me tense (sickly).

The competition went very good. 1st attempt squat gaves me a little pressure and I corrected the movement when I came out of the whole. My final squat 275kg was the best and just 10kg below the National record. In my loose suit I can control the pressure in my head very well πŸ™‚
Bench press went a little bit worse than hoped during the warm-up and therefore I didn’t push myself to much. And finished with 172,5kg.
Deadlifting I do without suit, because also a loose suit generates to much pressure with the liftoff I don’t want that. With my opener 230kg I made the qualify total for the Europeans & Worlds Powerlifting Masters II, so mission accomplished πŸ™‚ In my 2nd attempt I did 242,5kg and in my 3rd and final I felt the emotion that is was my final attempt at the Nationals. I pulled 252,5kg and made a total of 700kg. This is 40kg below the National record, so this will be a nice goal to lift at the Europeans πŸ˜‰
Thank you all for the support.