All classic deadlifts by Ilrish Kensenhuis 2018 -2019 213kg to 228,5kg

Ilrish pulled 228.5kg European Record (for 2 minutes) silver medal at the EPF Classic Powerlifting Championships

Full meet video (below the record attempt)

Ilrish Kensenhuis WEC Powerlifting Classic 2019

All attempts of Ilrish of the Dutch Nationals Powerlifting 2019

Ilrish deadlifting 225kg to retain the title!

Powerlifting Nationals Equipped 2019

Video of Iris & Ilrish at the Powerlifting Nationals Equipped 2019

Upcoming Equipped Powerlifting Nationals….

Iris & Ilrish their final equipped training for next week Powerlifting Nationals

The final equipped training is always very funny 🙂 at least for some one. Iris and Ilrish had a nice final equipped session after their ‘low’ weights classic training 😆 After this training the openers are sets and they can enjoy the weekend and the light training session coming week for the Nationals. Below their final equipped training sets.

Full gear squats and bench press…….

Equipped Nationals are coming closer….. So full gear squats and bench press. Ilrish wearing a very loose suit and shirt and make a big step forward hitting here attempts in here gear. Iris also on the move….

3rd equipped powerlifting training for the ladies….

A little step back this training comparing last week Saturday training. Getting ready for the heaviest training for the Powerlifting Nationals Eqqupped…. this training will be next week. Yes step by step the progress is moving into the right direction. The suit and shirt is fitting Iris each training better and better. Ilrish is becoming stronger and stronger on here raw power. At this stage compare last year on the same time, the girls are on the move.