2nd Equipment training for the Ladies and Rockstar Ricky

Yesterday the ladies and Ricky had their 2nd equipment training for the upcoming Nationals (equipped) Powerlifting next month 24th Februari. Ricky had a good training session. Squats hitting almost the right depth. Bench press getting the bar almost on his chest and deadlifting is going ………. 😀
Ilrish is working on here squats with wraps and is going well……. So next week loose suit, which she is using during deadlifting 🙂 No bench press shirt for here yet. Deadlifting is loose is going well, so next week a little bit tighter suit during the deadlift 🙂
Iris is making new steps in here equipment lifting. Depth on squats is going into the right direction. Touching the bar with bench press, wearing here shirt. Deadlifting in suit after here classic training sets is getting beyond here shape of the Worlds from last year.
Compilations of their training session:

Ricky personal view about his first Equipped Powerlifting meet

Sbd ’18?! What a fun Day, first ever equipped meet for me. Sfeertje was top. 8/8 getild. 265-135-275. Laatste deadlift was zelfs de eerste keer equipped met riem?. Kan, kon, niet banken wegens fysieke ongemakken. Ach next time. Altijd die speciale bedankjes, maar bedankt @wimwam1 en de dames @ilyscious & @inspirised voor het harde werken #vips

Game on ……. on my first equipped Powerlifting meet….

Blog by: Ricky Bakker

GAME ON (belong the video of my final squat 265kg and deadlift 275kg)

Earlier I tried to describe how my preparation went to my first equipped powerlifting meet. As you might have read, maybe not, it was bumpy. Well that bumpy has not changed during the rest of the preparation. But ain’t that a part of powerlifting. In the end, due to physical discomforts, it is not even really possible to have bench presses in the shirt. What I have been able to do is indeed very promising ?!

Then it was game day! It started well, was a little too heavy, I had to lose weight, I did not have to. The equipped meet was based on Wilkes. So eventually I weighed 93.1. Fine. This is where lesson 1 started, because Wim is not Wim when you get a lesson again. Because if I had simply used my mouth, I knew I did not have to take the trouble to lose the last grams.
Wim told me he could coach me because he had made the choice not to participate at the meet, so that was a stroke of luck.
When the Kensenhuis sisters came to help, I got a mug with GAME ON as a print. Well with so much power in my corner, you know. Only option is enjoy and lift.

What I noticed from the beginning is that there is a whole different atmosphere in the equipped lifters than in the classic lifters. Logical or not logical. One side is that you need each other, just look at the participants numbers. Otherwise, I still want to win everyone. But everyone helped everyone. Difficult to describe what that has loosened with me. But in this way I noticed that I could easily shift my head into positive thoughts, which made my whole game vibe ‘better’ than usual.

I lifterd a very good meet. 8 out of 8, yes because Wim has decided to skip the 3rd attempt bench. That is what a good coach does, look / feel / anticipate and respond to. Speaking of reacting. I still a kick under my ass from Wim. Yes!
At my first squat I got 1 red light and 2 times white lights (so as you know, a good lift). But I dared to ask why I got red light once. Simply put, I will never ask this question again (to Wim). More importantly, I have learned that focusing on the positive benefits my attitude.

Big difference with classic lifts is especially the knee wrapping. You simply wear sleeves, the whole meet, even during bench presses and deadlift if you want. Knee wrapping is a profession apart. Timing is important. So I learned that the hard way. The referees had something to debate about 1 attempt before I was allowed on the platform. I was fulling packed and ready. That means that all the stress was on it. Delicious!
I have done bench presses classic. Physical discomforts caused only 2 attempts.  Deadlift went very well. On a 3rd turn I got a choice in terms of kilos what I would like to lift. Of course I went for the highest, also because it was a good day. The consequence to this choice was that I had to make my first attempt wearing belt together with my deadlift suit. The rest is history, haha ​​I always wanted to say that.

To write a conclusion/ I found the road to the game quite difficult. Sometimes even annoying because of the trouble what it cost me to do the training. But the meet was a great experience, partly because of the good meet and nice coaching and all the help of everyone.

So my thanks especially to Ilrish and Iris, tough but honest aunts!
Sandra, for one of the best power lift lessons I have had!
And Wim, because he always does annoying. But it is very educational and understanding.



Ricky became 3rd at SBD Cup Equipped Powerlifting

Ricky squatted 265kg (without belt), bench press (without shirt, next time 😉 ) and deadlifted 275kg. Squat and deadlift are a new personal best. 3rd place on wilkspoints on his 1st equipped powerlifting meet!




Breath in ….. Breath out ……

Blog by: Ricky Bakker

As you maybe know or do not know, I will not compete at the SBD Cup classic… No I will compete Equipped. Or according to the coach; I’m really going to powerlift. Of course Wim speaks from his experience and perhaps also from nostalgia. 

I and many ‘new’ powerlifters with me, only know powerlifting as classic. Because that the way we started. We ‘know’ only from instagram or people we have seen doing equipped powerlifting. And that is why our opinion is based on that. At least that’s for me. Well I came up with the good idea to run the real race, including preparation as equipped lifter.

Let’s face it. We all think that in once 30/40 kilos comes with your squat, when you wear a  squat suit. That your bench press is increasing at least easy 15/25 kilos. Okay, hold that thought, because  I’ll come back that.

My preparation: The classic part is not going even that bad. It can be better on points. I am satisfied because I learn to lift, learn to think and especially learn to feel. If it goes a day or even a week less, then you can adjust the  weights. The main thing is that you train not how heavy, just how you train.

So that’s fun. Nice to experience that when we talk about ‘light weight’ training. That this is also a way to become stronger.

After a number of half suited squats training and with kneewraps. Last week I got finally my first fullequipped training. Man o man. I can tell you that it’s no fun and added 30/40 kilos on your squat you have to work for it (maybe harder … what do I say? You should hear me) .

 As my title says breath in and breath out, is difficult already. Wearing a squat suit forces you to squat like you’ve never experienced before, unless you’re used to it. It’s weird annd quite nice experience.

Well to finish this story I will do this with a little honesty.
Is this fun, so far I find this 50/50. Why? For a number of reasons. But one of them is: I can not get used of the pain.

Will I advise you to give this it a try?  Yes certainly! Why?  You have to experience full equipment powerlifting. And whether you like it after that or not, that is up to you to judge. But then you have it tried and experienced.

I continue with equipment powerlifting now step by step. First I will  performe on the SBD cup.

Well I go to bed with my knees nodded, because tomorrow I have my first full-suited training with Wim. And that is usually for one person party.

Happy Weekend All!

Oh and if you have any questions, if this has aroused your interest. You can always send me a message via IG (click here!) chat. Because maybe I can tell you the slightly less pleasant side as a starting euipped lifter. Just say it.


Blog by: Ricky Bakker

I do believe that powerlifting (sport in general perhaps) is indeed a metaphor for life. I think what Wim means by this is that when you put structure into your sport. Formulates & strives for a goal and makes adjustments where necessary.
To build a schedule with nice figures, everyone can do that tells my coach. I think so. Only a good coach makes sure that the adjustments fit with the athlete. Not the athlete at the schedule.

This process, however funny, is actually applicable to my life so far. Only I am the coach. Wim helps me with this, like he does with powerlifting to apply structure and rhythm. This may sound very heavy, but actually it is very nice and something that maybe many of you already can.In this process I find difficult to describe and that is also one of the reasons I do these blogs now and then. Not as frequent as in sports, but it will come in the future. Because the consciousness grows.

Back to our hobby, our passion, our love .
The training is nice. Wim’s ‘lightweight’ method is starting to have a nice effect. No, no new PRs (in training then) but the same numbers run with much more ease. To describe it in the trendy way, RPE 8 on old PR numbers. Technically much better higher numbers of lifts! I really like that, I really like that and it gives me energy to continue.

Progression is in every corner!
Thanks for reading and fast!

Progression, competition, mental and awareness …

Blog by: Ricky Bakker

Progression, competition, mental and awareness …

A build-up of 8 weeks, a contest preparation of 6 weeks. All carefully planned and adjusted. I think it’s all work towards 1 point. The match that is coming. But actually that is not the case at all. It is to prepare yourself for the fight during the match. Which is actually a party, in the words of the coach. Looking further, then making 1 race and progression in all areas of life. This sounds very intense, but I also use the lessons I learn in daily life. Example, planning your training to become stronger in a structured way also applies to planning your career. Or to be a better partner. Let Wim always be sharp, honest but also annoying. Exactly what I need, says Wim then :lol:.

This process to the Nationals 2018 was a fairly stable one. In this I made good steps. In terms of kilos, in terms of mindset. Very important and fine. But in this respect we have worked towards a nice NK. Mentally I always lose it from myself.

This game is also standing in the way of the mental. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. Good steps have been taken which have mainly seen my consciousness change in the past period. This has also been reflected during this competition. I do not press two lifts at benchpress. A rejected first deadlift. But still a PR on my second turn.

Now is time to start building! Refining goals and go for it!


Exciting! test week :-)

Blog by Ricky Bakker

Finally I was allowed to test where I stand. Testing whether all technical work and reflection work are paying off. Testing in Wim style of course. In doing so, I realize that I ’train’ for 8 weeks with Wim and I didn’t have the expectations to gain alot of pounds – on the barbell that is 🙂 – .

I noticed during the week that I am still a bit nervous with high numbers. It gives me energy but distracts me from the work that has to be done during the week. So focus: on the deload week. Because we still want to pursue flawless work on my technique and posture.

Test training!
In the morning I felt the urge to train bubbling up. I even noticed that I suffered from nerves. Then I thought: hey, you like training .. make it fun. That calmed me down and ensured that I could reflect on what happened later in training with an objective look. In this blog I’ll share with you what happened.

Recently I have noticed that I enjoy squatting very much. I do not need extra motivation. I work hard, I am very stable (even if I say so myself). I also squatted my third attempt as if I would have a fourth attempt. So there is more in the tank. “That’s a NICE FEELING”. So far so good!

Bench press & Ricky
That is not exactly love. I notice that, partly due to hurdles in the body, I find it very difficult to motivate myself at this lift, and give optimal performance. High weights to me, myself and Ricky is equal to:
Lack of focus on technique + a$$ of the bench.

But does your trainer don’t say anything about that Ricky?
Of course he does! Only in the weeks before it didn’t happen. Nevertheless, bench press is feeling pretty strong, despite my a$$in relat from the bench #error.

So what I learned from this?
I made my second bench press attempt :). It felt pretty heavy, but I pressed it. Now the average, not well-thinking, lifter would say: Well come on with those pounds. I decided to play it safe. For me that means I weigh my options conservatively in relation to the extra few pounds that could result in one place higher or lower during a competition/meet. This is important to me because I’m learning to listen to my body.

Deadlift party
For deadlifts, Wim said ……. ! Well…. I’m not going to say what Wim said (I’m going to hold on that a little bit longer). The bottom line is I want to lift ever lift solid and hard. So I do too much. Of course it is not all roses. Because as I shared before, I also have many steps to make.

Reflection is KEY
I’ve come to the conclusion that reflecting on my training sessions works to my advantage. After all, it are the kilos that let you rank higher and not the Wilk’s points. My technique has improved so much. And because of that I experience less pain, and I’m able to load more kilos on the bar. When that time arrives that I believe I’m really ready to lift some more weight then I will definitely have a care free time in the gym and for sure a nice play date with all the plates. Until then, I’ll continue to train hard, play hard and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for reading!

Technique is more important than heavy training

Blog by: Ricky Bakker

Who does not know that expression? Everyone does, and I hear around me that technique is extremely important. I think so too. But do we really do that, and is that really something that you have to do endlessly. I ask myself out loud.

In my new training method, well Wim’s, technique stands central, we are also critical of the technical part. But we also work hard, we also lift relatively heavily. Because that is ultimately our goal. Getting stronger!

For me it remains difficult, I want to see those pounds on the bar. Prove that I have become stronger. Wim ensures me that I give gas but not tooooo much. Going heavier than the schedule is a no go (in his opinion).  But will I than become stronger?

Yes absolutely, last week I ended with the most stable squat on high kilos ever. 🙂 Oh and you saw the speed of my deadlift and that in 1 set for 3 reps.

Do you know what a good techniuqe does with my body? It reduces my muscle pain / injures, without having to go to the physiotherapist. So form is more important than I thought.

Since I am at Wim, we evaluate each session. Sometimes short (I’ve often hear more tension here, double elastic, etc.) and sometimes longer about the way how to train (attitude / mental approach).  The always recurring questions: what do you see yourself?  What do you think of it yourself? What did you feel? They ensure me that I am not a robot athlete but someone who thinks, feels and learns.

Evaluating helps me to see where the mistakes are, what is going well, what is improving and gives me the opportunity to adjust thimgs during my training.

My progress is in various parts. Nice that this is taught to me.

Week 1, Wim style ..

blog by: Ricky Bakker

My first week of training is over. In general this is called ‘light’. It would be, if you take long and long breaks, technicalities neglected. But let this be exactly what we are working on.

For me, this is, for the time being, a super way of training. Why you might think! It’s all because I notice that my aches have the time to recover. I also feel that I can become less uncertain during the lifts. Due to the fact that a lot of attention is paid to my technique. I have had one training that was high in the amount of kilos. I can not yet notice that a transfer has been made but that will undoubtedly come. What has come to my attention is that I am much more aware of my technique and even more aware of this sport by making a small evaluation after each training session. That even after 1 week. That is why I am more curious about what is yet to come. After all, I am only one week away. In any case, this promises to be an interesting ride!