Singles in training…….

No training the coming time :-)

The last two weeks I didn’t posted any update. I did not train for the last 2 weeks and for the coming time I will not train at all. At this stage I take a step back from powerlifting because I believe this helps me to accept that my powerlifting career has come to an end. This is better for my brain / mind and this gives me energy to focus on other things šŸ™‚ When I started my training, I will start up my blog again šŸ˜‰

Till now. Thank you all very much for your support.

Week statitics: 11-6-2017 ā€“ 17-6-2017

Overview of my weeklyĀ statistics CardioPowerLifting versus the weekly ā€˜normalā€™ powerlifting training. Only squats, deadlifts & bench press are posted in the overview. For example: romanian deadlifts and shoulder grip bench press are not added in this overview.
green = cardiopowerlifting
blue = normal powerlifting
yellow = meet (including warming-up)