Iris warming-up at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships 2019

At least one is having fun …

Video of all attempts of Iris Kensenhuis at EPF European Equipped Powerlifting Championships 2019

Iris deadlifting 242,5kg gold medal at the EPF European Powerlifting Championships 2019

Iris Kensenhuis at the IPF Worlds Powerlifting Equipped 2018. next week Europeans Equipped Powerlifting…..

Iris getting ready?

All attempts of Iris Kensenhuis at the Dutch Nationals 2019

All attempts of Ilrish of the Dutch Nationals Powerlifting 2019

Iris deadlifting 221kg breaking the Dutch record…. 230.5kg was to heavy this time

Ilrish deadlifting 225kg to retain the title!