Powerlifting is…

First Saturday training of 2019

Today we start up our weekly light weight Saturday training. The first two stops will be the Powerlifting Nationals Equipped (24 Februari) and Classic (24 March) So in the beginning the equipped training will starts at the end of the Classic training (quote) The first weeks of training cycle are normally the heaviest. Short compilations of today’s training.
Video Iris:

Video Ilrish:

Agression ……

5 reps PhyLiftSophy ;-)


Bye bye instagram ;-)

Using your equipment step by step

Okay like we did in the old days @peterbaltus2003 and @euromike231 using your equipment step by step in training.

1st 170kg only training aleeves
2nd 190kg training sleeves + belt
3rd 210kg knee wraps + belt

Merry Christmas 🤶 to you all & best wishes for 2019

Training was great today

Back in the days