Training ‘light’ weights makes you stronger ….

Progression, competition, mental and awareness …

Blog by: Ricky Bakker

Progression, competition, mental and awareness …

A build-up of 8 weeks, a contest preparation of 6 weeks. All carefully planned and adjusted. I think it’s all work towards 1 point. The match that is coming. But actually that is not the case at all. It is to prepare yourself for the fight during the match. Which is actually a party, in the words of the coach. Looking further, then making 1 race and progression in all areas of life. This sounds very intense, but I also use the lessons I learn in daily life. Example, planning your training to become stronger in a structured way also applies to planning your career. Or to be a better partner. Let Wim always be sharp, honest but also annoying. Exactly what I need, says Wim then :lol:.

This process to the Nationals 2018 was a fairly stable one. In this I made good steps. In terms of kilos, in terms of mindset. Very important and fine. But in this respect we have worked towards a nice NK. Mentally I always lose it from myself.

This game is also standing in the way of the mental. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. Good steps have been taken which have mainly seen my consciousness change in the past period. This has also been reflected during this competition. I do not press two lifts at benchpress. A rejected first deadlift. But still a PR on my second turn.

Now is time to start building! Refining goals and go for it!


Iris Kensenhuis Dutch Classic Powerlifting Champion 2018 -84kg class

Check also video of Ilrish Kensenhuis Dutch Classic Powerlifting Champion 2018 +84kg class, click here!

Ilrish Kensenhuis Dutch Classic Powerlifting Champion 2018 +84kg class

Check also video of Iris Kensenhuis Dutch Classic Powerlifting Champion 2018 -84kg class, click here!

They both did it!!! Dutch Classic Powerlifting Champion!!!!!

Good luck to all competitiors at Dutch Classic Powerlifting Nationals …….

Your upcoming meet is the step to ……..

When you fail your lift


They say time flies when you are having fun. Well I found out  time also  flies when you decide to do make choices for yourself  that differ from everything you have known untill then.

These past 8 weeks I put myself through the wringer. And even tho it is nothing new , I had a few very important things that helped keep me #insane and #inthegame.

FUN. It is really easy to loose the fun of things when you attach  competetive GOALS to certain things. So for me having fun , even tho I feel like I can not see another barbell  is key. Training at coach his house was mostly fun this cycle….. for him that was… ?

VALIDATION. Some will agree and other will say  I am crazy  but I believe  validation is a big player when it comes  to being  competetive in anything in life and achieving results of and kind. That being said, I also believe one should only look for validation  within their  own mirror.  You validate you… AND when you do that loads of things will fall in place.

TECHNIQUE.  A things that takes practice,still ,patience and drive.  I am not a perfect lifter and to be honest I do not know anyone who is. But I have learned that besides  being strong , TECHNIQUE can make or break you. Time spend in the gym dedicated to bettering flaws kept #myheadinthegame and  have me hungry for more… because we are never done.

Well this is all folks. Nationals  is around
the corner and a new week emerges soon.  Lets get to it !


Technique is the surplus on your Strength