Ilrish aka went for a ride….

Video of here squats 145kg 157.5kg 167.5kg 175kg and 177.5kg .
She finished with breaking two times here personal best (175 & 177.5).
Good motivation for here big sister @inspirised Great to see the energy & support they give to each other….. Next week is game time for @inspirised

Iris aka www.powerlifting did here final rehearsal

@inspirised aka www.powerlifting did here final rehearsal for the IPF Worlds Classic Powerlifting. Just 2x 170kg beltless….
Next week Saturday it’s game time….

Just for fun 3 sets pause squat together in 1 frame …

… Or is this just one set and than 3 times in 1 frame? Click play, to watch the video below


Winning everyday!

Recently I have noticed that whenever people talk to me about my sport and training they always talk about winning. In contrary to myself that is because I do not feel the need to do so because I feel like if you feel like you are winning everyday , there is no need to keep bringing it up.

Everyday you might ask? Yes, everyday and I am not talking medals you can buy at Ali Xpress people, I will explain why and how I mean this so some of you, probably all of you readers can feel like you doing it too.

1 Being loved
I have the privilege of having my sister as a trainingpartner. She loves me and I drive her crazy all the time. The feeling I get whenever she tells me how she cannot live with or whitout me makes me feel like a winner. Yes , she cannot stand me, mission accomplished!

2 Focus
When I started taking powerlifting serious a lot of people I spend time on vanished. Poof , just like thin air they went, because sometimes it is true; people want to see you do good but not better than them. And some people dont like you because you don’t dislike yourself. This is what brought me loads of time to spend on powerlifting and saved me some coins too 🙂 and it has brought me focus. Focus on my goals wich is essential. Win-win!

3 Sensei
Powerlifting has introduced me to Wim. My coach who I cursed the first time he ever let me do anything. He tortured me at our first introduction 2 years ago _see video _ and now he gets to do it every week. He also made sure I can rep the first ever national deadlift record I set in september ’16 for more than 15 times, got my squat on a way to greatness and works on my technical flaws daily. He let me play in the wimwamgym when he was away in Pilsen, he likes shoes like I do and he tells me to shut the hell up when I doubt myself or annoy him or myself. I like people who are honest. He is that person. He feels like a prize. And prizes are for winning . Yeah!

4 Being extra
As a theatermaker extraordinaire I am used to people being extra and I don’t judge people when they are not. In powerlifting some people are extra and some are not. I feel like I get to put my own kinda extra in my attire, my routine and how I carry myself on and of the platform. It is not an act. The Ily you see is the Ily you get and I like how this works for me : not pretending to be somebody else. Having control over that feels like hitting a home run. Yes dear I said it…. and enough homeruns mean…. yeah winning!

AND LASTLY……….. A lot of people asked me recently if I envy my sister because she gets to lift at competitions, I have not yet qualified for such as classic worlds or equipped Europeans ( i know you are waiting for it and that will be nice right me in equipped liftinggear ?). But the answer to the envy part is NO…. and that is because I know that she deserves it and that you become better and stronger when you train with people who are better and stronger. So without sounding cocky …. I am glad I deserve to train , hang out and support her at all her meets and all things in life and love the fact that in doing so I’m winning some more!

I can go on for a week telling you about these winnings but I won’t and keep it at this.

Please let me know how you guys are winning , I’d love to hear about it.



It’s almost that time to rumble again. One and a half week out.  What was on my mind and schedule this week?

There are moments that my body already wants to compete feeling all fired up. Combined with moments that I am stumbling around, and feeling like a very, very, very old lady. When that happens most of the time the alarm goes off ,and I know it’s all a dream. Lucky for me it’s than time to kick off my day. Coach laughs at me when I give him my feedback of how I’m doing. And really cracks up when he sees me squat with an empty bar. I am not joining a gymnastic club anytime soon :-/

This week’s central training at the WimWam gym was the icing on the cake for me. I know what needs to be done. All the tweaking, adjusting and fine tuning we have been doing the last half year has to show for itself the 16th of June. So time for me to call it a wrap, trust the force and let go.

Some people asked me lately how I’m able to compete ‘that much’ and If I’m not ‘over doing’ it? The people who really know me al so know that I’m not the right person to ask such a question. It amazes me that we live in a world where people think it’s necessary to question someone’s actions and intention when they are doing something they love. Especially in my case the people who are donating to the gym instead of actually being an active member. Is there something in ‘over doing’ that?

The fact that I’m leaving to Calgary still seems unreal but It’s a fact for sure. I get reminded to this upcoming event by my surroundings. Mostly by asking me when I am leaving. Whishing me the best and trying to meet up. The restless part of me is already busy packing my stuff. And the layed back part of me is like….naaah keep on chilling like a villain. I know for sure that the bags are not going to pack them self and that laundry is not going to wash itself either. So this girl has some stuff to do.

If you want to see me compete at the Worlds Powerlifting Championships in Calgary make sure to tune in on time. You can watch the meet at
What competition(s) are you attending or competing in this year? Let me know in the comments below!

I wonder how my sister @ilyscious is able to get a long with me. Speaking of her…..she has not written a blog for a long time now. I’ll remind her of it when I’m done writing mine. That’s now, cause I need to hang some laundry ?

Untill we meet again….










Hope to compete in September at sbdcup with loose equipment if possible

Hope to compete in September at sbdcup @pardeep_kailey? ?
with loose equipment if possible ?
3x 190kg squats… Breathing and the pressure in my head under control.

Vintage Nike Weightlifting (squat) shoes :-)

Because I don’t like vintage Nike ???? I got myself a ‘new’ pair of Nike Weightlifting (squat) shoes from the 80s
Back then @nike Netherlands wasn’t willing to order them for me  in the 80s  in the USA ofcourse my search continues for an extra pair and also for a pair high cut 😉
Click picture to swipe for mor pictures, included orginal advertisment of the 80s with Arnold @schwarzenegger

At my personal profile you can see more true vintage Nike sneakers @wimwam1
Nike – There is no Finish Line

Equipped Powerlifting is the …..