Week 1, Wim style ..

blog by: Ricky Bakker

My first week of training is over. In general this is called ‘light’. It would be, if you take long and long breaks, technicalities neglected. But let this be exactly what we are working on.

For me, this is, for the time being, a super way of training. Why you might think! It’s all because I notice that my aches have the time to recover. I also feel that I can become less uncertain during the lifts. Due to the fact that a lot of attention is paid to my technique. I have had one training that was high in the amount of kilos. I can not yet notice that a transfer has been made but that will undoubtedly come. What has come to my attention is that I am much more aware of my technique and even more aware of this sport by making a small evaluation after each training session. That even after 1 week. That is why I am more curious about what is yet to come. After all, I am only one week away. In any case, this promises to be an interesting ride!

Results neuro psychological tests and wobbly/chain training….

Yesterday I got the results of the neuro psychological tests. The results have determined that there is no memory disorder. Unfortunately the test results indicate that my memory is average compared to the people who have my work and / or level of education. Some tests are above average and some are excellent. So that is the good part. Medically there is no problem and yet I experience there is. My energy level isn’t what it used to be. Hopefully the sleepingtest can give the doctor and myself the information I need to change my current sleep rhythm to a normal “regular” sleep rhythm. I’m hoping that this helps me to charge my personal battery, so I can manage to do at least the same (or even more) like I did before.

Due the tough 2,5 years my mind can still be overloaded. Especially because of  my bad sleep rythm. The most important thing remains; still after 1 year the pain is still gone :-D.  I have to treasure that…….

Today’s training went steady….. after I did some personal steps…. 🙂
After normal warming-up and squat warm-ups I did:
Wobbly pause squats 3×3 110kg (plus 30kg dumbells) total 140kg
Followed by normal warm-up deadlift with
3×3  160kg (plus chains) total I don’t know yet, because I don’t know the weight of the chains.
Finally I bench pressed and did my normal warm-up. Finished with
wobbly bench press 3×3 90kg (plus each side 7,5kg) total 105kg.

Still at it…

Every SUNday I review my week and all my sins 🙂
Well today it’s evaluationday. This comes after judgementday a.k.a. the weekly central training.
Five weeks @ following this new programm feels like a rollercoaster. An interesting and unpredictable ride I must say. Eventhough we know where we are working towards. Ahum….at least one of us does.






My third equipped training is a fact. Squats were a big challenge. I’m much aware of being out of my comfort zone. My head and body are trying to speak the same language when It comes down to  speeding up the lift. But mostly to ‘let go’. I’m not affraid of failing a squat…I’m just not looking forward to get comfortable staying down..d.d.d.down there.

I’m stunned about the fact that my light training sessions seem to pay off. Especially when it comes down to my technique. I’ve noticed that my style is changing and I think for the better. When my lifts are  wobbly, tensionless, look like dive bombs; ‘you name it’ I’ve done it… I can reproduce what I did wrong and am able to act on it in the next set/rep/training. Click here to watch a part of yesterday’s training and know what I mean.
All the mobility exercises are beneficial to my bench press. There is still a lot work to be done. Focussing on my set up…leg drive…and placement of the barrrr
On deadlifts I’m amazed about the KG’s the suit is making me pull. And the speed that comes with it. Needless to say that I almost started with squats in my deadlift suit :-). Lucky for me coach keeps an eye on everything. Especially on me and makes sure I don’t get lost in this world of endless possibilities, reps and sets.

If it was not for him I would still be walking around in my suit this weekend. Because I couldn’t get out of my belt. It must have something to do with being : EQUIPPED IN BEING CLUMSY.

Untill we meet again….

Semi heavy light training session :-)

Today I did a semi heavy light training session. This gave me the information for the upcoming meet that’s planned within 2 weeks.
Watch the final sets below in the video. Glad that my big friend Brad Gillingham sent me a video of his latest deadlifting session 🙂
This gave me the Ointment to get Manion ;-)….. The squat warm-up went a little bit roughly….. so I had to push myself to hit my final set. Glad I squatted 2x 202,5kg… Besides the normal focus that it requires to train, the biggest challenge for me is to be aware that I have to keep the pressure out of my head…. Therefor I squat, bench press and deadlift with my mouth open…. The habbit is ofcourse to close your mouth, so you can put pressure all over your body…. including your head ! As you can see in the photo of my final IPF Worlds Masters Powerlifting……









After squats I did my deadlifts….. for me that are the easier excersises where I can focus on  keeping the pressure off my head….. Bench press is the hardest….. Although deadlifting warm-up felt a little bit stiff….. it is easier for me to push the button “turbo” :lol:….. Final deadliftset was 2x 215kg + chains on each side 🙂 The last two weeks bench press is going better,  because my left arm is becoming “stronger” and I was able to finish with 2x120kg…. Coming week I have some recovery work outs on the menu, like always…… light weight baby 🙂


Adding some weights, so I’m getting ready for my final heavy light trainingsession for the Master Classic Powerlifting Nationals…..

This training felt better than the trainingsession from Wednesday. When I compete for the Master Classic Powerlifting Nationals, I’ll  have one heavy light trainingsession left…. Therefore I did the same as Wednesday only with ‘heavier’ weights and less reps…. Just to set myself up for that training …. tomorrow or the day after tomorrow..  Trainingsession took me 45 minutes.

Wobbly squats 2×2 150kg + each side 15kg dumbell
Chain deadlift 2×2 150kg + each side chain + stop after liftoff
Wobbly bench press 2×2 90kg + each side 5kg plates

Wobbly squats, bench press and chain deadlifts….

Just for fun! I wanted to challenge myself with a “light” weightlifting session. Focus on the stability and the performance of the exercises (technique and speed ofcourse)

Wobbly squats 3×3 90kg + each side 15kg dumbell
Chain deadlift 3×3 140kg + each side chain + stop after liftoff
Wobbly bench press 3×3 70kg + each side 10kg plates

Results MRI scan is good :-)

Yesterday evening the neurologist called me and informed me about the results of the MRI-scan. My brains and everything around it looks ok.
The part, where the operation has taken place, recovered very well. There is no damage nor are there any blood clots. This is very good news for me 🙂 Coming Mondayafternoon the results of the neuro psychology test will be discussed. Hopefully I’ll get some advice to recover my short memory 🙂 Sleeptest will be (hopefully) within 4 weeks….. After that I have an appointment with the neurologist and he will show me the MRI (and I will get it on CD). Then we will discuss the results of my sleeptest. Maybe they can explain what the reason is that my sleeping routine is so unbalanced. If not how it can be solved….

Tough physical training…..

Today’s training was tougher than the past few weeks are going…. My mental energy is much better and therefor I do more ‘normal’ things/work. I skipped the siëstas, so my body / muscles get less rest. So in my opinion it makes sence that the training is tougher than the previous weeks. I took a little bit more time,  completing this training in 65 rock solid minutes.

Squats 3×3 145kg
Deadlift 3×3 175kg
Bench press 3×3 102,5kg

I’m back…

ONE word TWO syllables……keep on reading…..
Yesterday Wim took me for another equipped ride. After the first equipped session I was a little bit nervous to follow up to this second one, but all I can say is “I buckled my seatbelt”. This for sure is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Pjotr van den Hoek  (Netherlands strongest pwrlftr in the -105KG weightclass) was so kind to send Wim the Titan suits needed for this training. Some already worn by him. So I thought I was in the clear.
Well….big mistake. Because the fact that someone already worn the suit doesn’t mean you automatically gain Superpowers. Silly me 🙂
How it all went down;
The raw SQUAT training went well. I felt very strong and with each rep I looked forward to move on to the real deal. Getting in the squat-suit was a little hassle and hilarious at the same time. I had to hang on the rack to get in to it.  And after that Wim lifted me from the ground to make sure the suit was on. Getting my legs strapped was a little less painfull this time around. I still get the feeling as if my legs are getting numb.  And my head is screaming…..GET ME OUT OF HERE. Following Wim’s advice & trainingsschedule these last 4 weeks teached me that I should block these thoughts and stop*wining*.  Let me rephrase that in a positive way: just think happy thoughts 🙂
I’m learning, slow that is, but I’m getting the hang of at least maintaining the mindset of approaching the bar with a positive attitude. Eventhough I am in pain. Unracking the bar needs more practice and patience. I’m used to taking big steps. With this kind of lifting that is not (yet) possible or practical. Every misstep gets me out of the flow and makes me feel the weights inmediately. With the risk of getting out of the groove.
Benchpress *fried* my arms for sure. We tried different shirts but we are still figuring out what shirt works best for me. Let’s say I’m like an “IKEA closet”!! There is always something wrong, missing and the manual is never right.
Deadlifts were a blast. I got several ques on my handplacement, stance and tips on how to use the momentum by speeding up the lift. The suit felt great and is for now the right size. 175KG feels like 100kg. My legs and arms were tired from all the other stuff we had done and tried out.
The day after all I can say is: ONE word TWO syllables = MUSCLE-PAIN…!

Click here to see my performance on squat (3x155KG) & deadlifts (3x175KG):-) or scroll at the end of the blog 🙂
Lucky for me the company Perfect Body is helping me out with that. They are so kind to sponsor my supplements and make sure my vitamine and mineral intake is ON POINT. I can’t express how happy I’m with such a generous act. Thank you Perfect Body for making this powerlifting ride (a little) easier.  I’ll keep my act together and make sure I wont let you down.



Untill we meet again…..

Lighter weights than planned and pleased with my trainingresults

Although I trained with lighter weights than planned. I’m very pleased with the results. Most of all the last week I had a big breakthrough with my mental energy. So I’m doing more things (work related) and

therefore I skipped my afternoon sleeping session 🙂 And I’m still feeling much better than the week before, with less physical rest. I also adjusted my foodprogram and wanted to become  under the 120kg. Combine this and the results, with less physical energy (real power) and that is ok. Mentally feeling much better gives me a lot of joy. The physical strength will come back in the coming weeks, when my body is used to it. Hopefully the sleeptest will make a next step in my personal health. My midnigth sleep pattern is really worse and feeling so much better is really awesome 🙂 During training I took a bit more time between the sets and thus this training took me 90 minutes. Today I worn my Titan Compression socks, fits really great, click here for more information.

Highest weights today:
Squats 3x175kg
Deadlift 3x210kg
Bench press 2x115kg