Training 16-4-2017 with mindf@#k sets squat and bench press

Due some sore muscles I took today a little bit more time in my warmin-up (sets) therefore my training 15 minutes more time than my normal goal of 90 minutes work out. I find it important to react how my body is feeling. After my warming-up my body felt good and I came good on pace with my “light” 5×5 sets squats with 105kg. These sets did I within 8 minutes. After that I did the “wellknow” mindf@#k set. This set took me less than 5 minutes.
With my deadlift I did 3 sets of 4-in-1 sets (10 minutes) followed with 5×5 romanian deadlifts. The bench press I did the same as the squats. 5×5 80kg (within 5 minutes) followed by a mindf@#k set. Followed with fly’s and my strechting cycle.

Here the summary of the program followed by the video:
Planken 5x 35 seconds
Knee raises 5x 15
Goodmornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 2×5 80kg 5×5 105kg
Mindf@#k set: 1x125kg 1x135kg 1x145kg 1x155kg 2x145kg 3x135kg 3x120kg
Deadlift 4-in-1 for 3 sets: 3x120kg 3x130kg 2×140 1x150kg
Romanian deadlifts 5×5 90kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 40kg 2×5 60kg 5×5 80kg
Mindf@#k set 1x90kg 1×97,5kg 1×102,5kg 1×107,5 1x110kg 2x105kg 2x100kg 3x95kg 3x90kg
Fly’s 5×8 5kg
Strechting cycle

Masterclass at IronHouse Utrecht 15th April 2017

Had a great Masterclass Powerlifting at Ironhouse Utrecht. Informed the participants about the changes they can do in their technique and also the mental part of the sport.

A look at our frist Masterclass with the renowned Powerlifting Coach and Trainer Wim Wamsteeker.

Geplaatst door Iron House Co. op woensdag 19 april 2017

14-4-2017 normal powerlifitng training weekly check of improving maximum strength

In the philosophy of CardioPowerLifting you have one “normal” powerlifting training. Just to check if your (maximum) strength is improving. This training is the contrary of the CardioPowerLifting session. This means you do less sets and take enough rest between the sets. You shall feel that your body is getting restless and earlier ready to do the next set. Take rest. This training can also be done in 90 minutes.
Watch first last week Friday normal powerlifting training.

And now today’s program:
Because my body felt really sore from the training sessions of this week. I did less in the warm-up excersises (planken & goodmornings)

Planken 3x 30 seconds
Goodmornings 3×8 20kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 5x90kg (proper warming-up sets are a must have) 3x120kg 3x145kg 2x165kg (with belt) 2x180kg (belt + sleeves)
Deadlift 3x120kg 3x150kg 3x175kg 2x195kg 2x210kg (with belt)
Bench press 2×8 20kg 8x60kg 5x80kg 3×97,5kg 2x110kg (wirst wraps) 2x115kg (wirst wraps + belt)
Streching cycle

*during my final deadlift set I felt that the pressure in my head was enough. So next my deadlift must go a little easier.

First explanation about PhiLiftSophy

Below the first steps about explanation of PhiLiftSophy

1. light weight
2. keep op the pace / short pauses between with working sets
3. Take your time for your warm-up sets and keep up the pace between those sets.
4. Total training is based on the variations about the powerlifting excercises.
5. Focus on your technique
6. Goal create a mindf*#k during your training session 😉
7. Working sets are maximum 5 reps
8. Weekly you have 1 normal powerlifting training session
9. Focus on a maximum of 90 minutes work-outs
10. Put 3-in-1 excersises in your program (these can be variation of the excersises of in- and/or decrease the weight within the set.
11. Powerlifting = 30% + 30% technique + 40% mental

More explanation about the way of training and specific excersises will come. Like the explanation of 3-in-1 sets 🙂

Please also my ‘basic’ training philosophy at the of the page ‘The Why

12-4-2017 recovery training “my ass” :lol:

Today the focus was on the recovery, because coming Friday the weekly normal powerlifting session is on the program. Therefore lower weights than previous days. Nevertheless the speed of the training was killing 🙂

Planken 5x 35 seconds
Knee raises 5x 15
Good mornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 2×5 80kg (warm-up sets)
3-in-1 squats (variation of slow, pause & normal squats)
5 sets with 100kg 2 reps slow, 3 reps pause & 2 reps normal (speed)
Deadlift 3-in-1 sets 5 sets of 3 reps 110kg, 2 reps 115kg and 1 reps 120kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 40kg 2×5 60kg (warm-up sets)
3-in-1 bench press 3 sets with 80kg 3 reps narrow, 3 reps middle & 3 reps wide grip
4 th set with 75kg & 5th with 70kg.
Most important in my opinion is to fullfill your set & reps instead of heavy weights 😉
Strechting cycle

90 minutes workout

11-4-2017 squats, interval deadlift and bench press is on air smiley I work with a new software program there for it will take some time to adjust my new site. So that is the second challenge for me, together to promote my new (oldskool) way of training.

Program today:
Planken 5x 35 sec
Knee raises 5x 15
Goodmorning 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 90kg 5×3 120kg
Interval deadlift 5 sets of 2x 140kg + 3x120kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 80kg 5×3 95kg
Shoulder grip bench press 5×3 82,5kg
Fly’s 5×8 5kg

90 minutes workout a new way of training. Improve you maximum power by training with light weights

Cardiopowerlifting is a new way of training I develop due my personal circumstances. After my brain operation earlier this year I’m not allowed to put maximum pressure on my head. Because I’m powerlifting over 30 years I cann’t an imagine a world without Powerlifting. Therefore I start thinking about a ‘new’ way of training and add the oldskool of training with my philosophy of training I develop over the years. People I have trained / trained with know my basic rule: You become strong by your light workouts.

This just a started and I will update the site step by step….

News…… I claimed :-) Training today..

Thanks to Ilrish and Iris to motivate me to claim ….. See if this give me new energy and focus to have some contribution to the powerlifting sport….. and give myself new goals to accelerate my maximum power to train with light weights in a cardio setting. Variations of the powerlifting excersises in a quick pace and short rest between the sets. Keep you posted!!!!

Program today:
Planken 5x 30 sec
Knee raises 5×10
Good mornings 5×8 40kg
Squats 2×8 20kg 2×8 60kg 2×5 85kg 3-in-1 set 3×110, 5x90kg and front squats 3x60kg for 3 sets
Deadlift 3-in-1 set 3x110kg 3x120kg and 3x125kg for 3 sets
Romanain deadlift 5×5 90kg
Bench press 2×8 20kg 2×8 50kg 2×5 70kg 3-in-1 set 3x90kg 2x85kg and 3x80kg for 3 sets
Shoulder grip bench press 5×5 75kg
Fly’s 5×8 5kg
Strechting cycle