2nd Equipment training for the Ladies and Rockstar Ricky

Yesterday the ladies and Ricky had their 2nd equipment training for the upcoming Nationals (equipped) Powerlifting next month 24th Februari. Ricky had a good training session. Squats hitting almost the right depth. Bench press getting the bar almost on his chest and deadlifting is going ………. šŸ˜€
Ilrish is working on here squats with wraps and is going well……. So next week loose suit, which she is using during deadlifting šŸ™‚ No bench press shirt for here yet. Deadlifting is loose is going well, so next week a little bit tighter suit during the deadlift šŸ™‚
Iris is making new steps in here equipment lifting. Depth on squats is going into the right direction. Touching the bar with bench press, wearing here shirt. Deadlifting in suit after here classic training sets is getting beyond here shape of the Worlds from last year.
Compilations of their training session:

Singles in training…….

My weekly friday training

On Friday I do my ‘heaviest’ work out…… So big suit and shirt šŸ™‚ Over 2 weeks my big friend comes to help me out, so I hope I can make the next step and make the right depth with squat in suit. Short video of today’s training.

Light weight training….

Equipped sets after classic training……

Today Iris & Ilrish had their first equipped training. For Iris it means full gear šŸ™‚ suit/shirt and wraps. For Ilrish we started today after the classic squat session, squats with wraps and a suit with deadlift. Next week we can add the suit also on here squats (I think / believe šŸ™‚ ) They both gave full effort in the their training….. Next week the next step…….
Video Iris:

Video Ilrish:

Training for my final Powerlifting Nationals

Next month is my final Powerlifting Nationals and I hope I will be able to qualify myself the European- & World Powerlifting Championship Masters. My goal is to finish my powerlifting career at the Worlds Masters in October this year. I started competing Powerlifting in march 1985 at the age of 15. This year I will become 50.

Tomorrow it will be 2 years after my brain surgery and I’m pleased how it is going. Nevertheless I have to deal with issues after this surgery and this makes it hard to continue training for powerlifting meets.

Dealing daily with my energy level, combined with work & training, is hard for me. So I train now 3 to 4 times a week for 1 hour. Compare this what I normally did, you can imagine is hard to generate progress in my strength. Even I’m pleased what I’m able of to lift today. Below a short video of today’s training.

Nationals Equipped Powerlifting

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Powerlifting is…

First Saturday training of 2019

Today we start up our weekly light weight Saturday training. The first two stops will be the Powerlifting Nationals Equipped (24 Februari) and Classic (24 March) So in the beginning the equipped training will starts at the end of the Classic training (quote) The first weeks of training cycle are normally the heaviest. Short compilations of today’s training.
Video Iris:

Video Ilrish:

Agression ……