Okay…. Target is set…

Last Monday I started my training for this meet already….
Today my 1st ‘complete’ powerlifting training….
Curious what in a few weeks my loose squatsuit & bench press shirt will bring. Deadlifting with suit generates to much pressure in my head at the start and the lift off…. So that will I do just ‘raw’
Thanks @pardeep_kailey and @powerliftento add equipped lifting to the SBD Cup ??
So I have to go back to more functional eating @pardeep_kailey because I have to loose some weight to get under de – 120kg ? otherwise my suit / shirt will be to tight ?


Blog by: Ricky Bakker

I do believe that powerlifting (sport in general perhaps) is indeed a metaphor for life. I think what Wim means by this is that when you put structure into your sport. Formulates & strives for a goal and makes adjustments where necessary.
To build a schedule with nice figures, everyone can do that tells my coach. I think so. Only a good coach makes sure that the adjustments fit with the athlete. Not the athlete at the schedule.

This process, however funny, is actually applicable to my life so far. Only I am the coach. Wim helps me with this, like he does with powerlifting to apply structure and rhythm. This may sound very heavy, but actually it is very nice and something that maybe many of you already can.In this process I find difficult to describe and that is also one of the reasons I do these blogs now and then. Not as frequent as in sports, but it will come in the future. Because the consciousness grows.

Back to our hobby, our passion, our love .
The training is nice. Wim’s ‘lightweight’ method is starting to have a nice effect. No, no new PRs (in training then) but the same numbers run with much more ease. To describe it in the trendy way, RPE 8 on old PR numbers. Technically much better higher numbers of lifts! I really like that, I really like that and it gives me energy to continue.

Progression is in every corner!
Thanks for reading and fast!

Monday new cycle will start for Iris

Just some fun training today


Monday new cycle towards the WEC will start for Ilrish

So just some fun training today

Videos of Iris aka www.powerlifter.nl at the IPF Worlds Classic Powerlifting

Squat new PR 172,5kg
Bench presss new PR 87,5kg
Deadlift (only opener 215kg) and missed 2 times 225,5kg (here the 1st attempt)
Total new PR 475kg

Videos of @inspirised aka www.powerlifter.nl at the @theipf World Championships Classic Powerlifting. Mixed up feelings and still great performance by @inspirised new pr squats 172.5kg new pr bench press 87.5kg and the mixed about the deadlift and still lifted 215kg as opener and that's make a new total pr of 475kg at here first World Championships. Nike There Is No Finish Line . ?www.titanwebshop.eu ✔Where power and support unite . ✔Go Forth with Titan Support . ✔The number 1 Powerlifting supplier. . ✔Always the Orginator. Never the Imitator. . #skwot #skwots #skwaat #skwaats #squats #squat #bands#chains #wobblysquats#slowsquats #pausesquats #pausesquat #deadlifts#deadlifting #deadlift #workout#strengthtraining #yellowjackets#supportsystems #thp #sterksteman #strongmen #crossfit #crossfitnl#yellowjackets #pwrlftr #powerlifter #powerlifting #yllwjckts #benchpress #cardiopowerlifting

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Personal update and last trainingvideo….

It’s been a while I wrote a personal (trainings)blog. The past last months it was lightweight training for me and focus to get back in the coaching stuff. Coaching & being trainer was also a while back. With all my personal issues I was uncertain if  I was capable doing this. When I say yes, I go for it over  100%. Only in the past I was certain that I had all the energy and determination to accomplish this. With all the tests I have had in the hospital, I felt I made little steps forward and making progress. The neuropsychologist gave me the metaphor: In the past you run the 100 metres in 10 seconds. After your operation you run the 100 metres still in 15 seconds (and therefor all the test are okay / very good compare the standards). Nevertheless you have to deal with the fact that it would not be 10 seconds anymore. And step by step it will be better and it will not be 10 seconds anymore. At this stage comparing the start of the year I ran the 100 metres in less than 14 seconds 😀 .

In my work I create the opportunity to manage to do the things do best, and looking back at the past couple of weeks that gives me a lot of joy. Most of all starting to give me more energy back 🙂

Back to the trainer/coach role. In January (end of December) Iris gave me the opportunity to be her trainer/coach. With all the uncertain feelings I have of my own capabilities, she went for it. Thank you very much Iris, because this was the turning point when I started looking forward again. The first main goals was (is) the IPF Worlds Classic Powerlifting getting a medal on the deadlift and improve her own personal bests on all 3 lifts. This meet is coming Saturday and can be followed at goodlift.info (click here)

Towards this meet Iris had 3 previous steps.
1. Competiting at the Nationals Equipped Powerlifting, 25th February 2018, to qualify for the Europeans Equipped Powerlifting. In just a few weeks equipped training she managed to qualify for the Europeans with also breaing the Dutch deadlift record and 3rd place overall. Click here to view the video.
2. Becoming Nationals Champion Classic Powerlifting 2018. With the Europeans Equipped just 2 weeks away, she was not allowed to lifted maximum and nevertheless she became champion with 9-of-9 and 4 meets PB’s and also a new Dutch Record in the deadlift 220,5kg. View here the video
3. Competiting at the Europeans Equipped Powerlifting Championships with the main goal the gold medal in the deadlift and the sub goals where breaking here own PB in equipped lifting and qualify for the World Equipped Powerlifting in November 2018. With the knowlegde that her main event was/is 4 weeks later the Europeans Equipped Powerlifting and therefor  the attempts must be well choosen. Because recovery of equipped lifting (and when you fail your lifts it’s even worse) takes more time than classic lifting. She managed to deadlift the gold medal and breaking the Dutch record again (view here the video) And also you improve here a lifts in equipped lifting and manage to qualify herself for the Worlds Equipped Powerlifting in November 2018. Although the first main goal is next week, the second goal for this year has risen….

The reflection of the above steps is that I made my own progression. I have to deal with it that I won’t be on my maximum level anymore, although I found a way to train again and did 2 small meets already. Step by step I manage to control my breathing and bring down the pressure in my head. Therefor I lift with my mouth open and when to pressure want to rise I let go the speed of the excersise and fullfill the movement. In the past I was used to hold my breathing in and/of let go and when it started to become heavier I was focused to generate more power/pressure. So I train the upside way now. Luckly I am a big fan of lightweight training, because this is also a way to improve your maximum strenght. So I have to do what I preach. Below the video of today’s training and I’m very pleased how it went. Just to inspire some one 😉 because I was able to break a personal record on my bench presse since May 2015….. So there is No Finishe Line ? Next week it is game time. Keep you posted, thanks for reading.

Ilrish aka www.powerlifster.nl went for a ride….

Video of here squats 145kg 157.5kg 167.5kg 175kg and 177.5kg .
She finished with breaking two times here personal best (175 & 177.5).
Good motivation for here big sister @inspirised Great to see the energy & support they give to each other….. Next week is game time for @inspirised

Iris aka www.powerlifting did here final rehearsal

@inspirised aka www.powerlifting did here final rehearsal for the IPF Worlds Classic Powerlifting. Just 2x 170kg beltless….
Next week Saturday it’s game time….

Just for fun 3 sets pause squat together in 1 frame …

… Or is this just one set and than 3 times in 1 frame? Click play, to watch the video below


Winning everyday!

Recently I have noticed that whenever people talk to me about my sport and training they always talk about winning. In contrary to myself that is because I do not feel the need to do so because I feel like if you feel like you are winning everyday , there is no need to keep bringing it up.

Everyday you might ask? Yes, everyday and I am not talking medals you can buy at Ali Xpress people, I will explain why and how I mean this so some of you, probably all of you readers can feel like you doing it too.

1 Being loved
I have the privilege of having my sister as a trainingpartner. She loves me and I drive her crazy all the time. The feeling I get whenever she tells me how she cannot live with or whitout me makes me feel like a winner. Yes , she cannot stand me, mission accomplished!

2 Focus
When I started taking powerlifting serious a lot of people I spend time on vanished. Poof , just like thin air they went, because sometimes it is true; people want to see you do good but not better than them. And some people dont like you because you don’t dislike yourself. This is what brought me loads of time to spend on powerlifting and saved me some coins too 🙂 and it has brought me focus. Focus on my goals wich is essential. Win-win!

3 Sensei
Powerlifting has introduced me to Wim. My coach who I cursed the first time he ever let me do anything. He tortured me at our first introduction 2 years ago _see video _ and now he gets to do it every week. He also made sure I can rep the first ever national deadlift record I set in september ’16 for more than 15 times, got my squat on a way to greatness and works on my technical flaws daily. He let me play in the wimwamgym when he was away in Pilsen, he likes shoes like I do and he tells me to shut the hell up when I doubt myself or annoy him or myself. I like people who are honest. He is that person. He feels like a prize. And prizes are for winning . Yeah!

4 Being extra
As a theatermaker extraordinaire I am used to people being extra and I don’t judge people when they are not. In powerlifting some people are extra and some are not. I feel like I get to put my own kinda extra in my attire, my routine and how I carry myself on and of the platform. It is not an act. The Ily you see is the Ily you get and I like how this works for me : not pretending to be somebody else. Having control over that feels like hitting a home run. Yes dear I said it…. and enough homeruns mean…. yeah winning!

AND LASTLY……….. A lot of people asked me recently if I envy my sister because she gets to lift at competitions, I have not yet qualified for such as classic worlds or equipped Europeans ( i know you are waiting for it and that will be nice right me in equipped liftinggear ?). But the answer to the envy part is NO…. and that is because I know that she deserves it and that you become better and stronger when you train with people who are better and stronger. So without sounding cocky …. I am glad I deserve to train , hang out and support her at all her meets and all things in life and love the fact that in doing so I’m winning some more!

I can go on for a week telling you about these winnings but I won’t and keep it at this.

Please let me know how you guys are winning , I’d love to hear about it.