Recovery …. next level :-)

This week it is recovery 😆 so I get ready for my Sunday meet. Today’s training was hard, due mental fatigue 🙂 Nevertheless I keep up the pass and fullfill the light weight session.

Squat 3×3 120kg
Deadlift 3×3 140kg
Bench press 3×3 80kg

😆 recovery training…. normally this was just warn-up …. and also now I enjoy it…. and that is the most important for me at this stage. Blog (link in bio) âžĄïž ✔Where power and support unite ✔Go Forth with Titan Support ✔The number 1 Powerlifting supplier. ✔Always the Orginator. Never the Imitator. #skwot #skwots #skwaat #skwaats #squats #squat #bands#chains #wobblysquats#slowsquats #pausesquats #pausesquat #deadlifts#deadlifting #deadlift #workout#strengthtraining #yellowjackets#supportsystems #thp #sterksteman #strongmen #crossfit #crossfitnl#yellowjackets #pwrlftr #powerlifter #powerlifting #yllwjckts #benchpress #cardiopowerlifting

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Recovery day and intake with neuropsychologist

This morning I had an appointment with the neuropsychologist. The intake lasted 1 hour. This week I will be called by the Hospital to plan a date to do the neuropsychology test. Also this Thursday I have the MRI, so the steps are taken to give me more information about my mental state / mental loadability. I’m pleased that these are taken.

Ofcourse the training from yesterday had physical and mental impact, so I did very light recovery training today. The same as I did Saturday.

Squat 5×3 90kg
Deadlift 5×3 110kg
Bench press 5×3 70kg

Semi heavy light training session went good

Today I had my final semi heavy light training session. After this only light weight training  session for next week test on Christmasday 🙂 Most important I’m pleased that I made the right twist (focus) in my mind and fullfill the next step. Last week my heavy light session was:

Squat 2x185kg
Deadlift 2x215kg
Benchpress 1×112,5kg (failed 2nd rep)

And today I lifted, less weight and 1 rep more:
Squat 3x180kg
Deadlift 3x210kg
Bench press 3x110kg * (touch-and-go)
And training was done in 75 minutes, including warm-up excersises 🙂


Doing less is better than doing too much…..

Yesterday evening it was a tough training session. The light weights felt heavier like it felt on Tuesday. Nevertheless it gave me a good feeling. Today or tomorrow I had or have to do my final semi heavy light weigth training session for next week ‘meet’ with myself. Due my tired mind, I followed my intuition and doing less weight as planned. One of mine believes is: You may decided to train with less weight and don’t more weights as planned.

Therefore I did only:
Squat 5×3 90kg
Deadlift 5×3 110kg
Bench press 5×3 70kg

Most important that my mind will rest in the coming 24 hours for my semi heavy light weight training. Will my squats today 50%, my deadlift 52,5% and bench press 63% of tomorrow semi heavy light weights? To stay on track it is okay to make 1 or 2 step backwards and still stay in contact with your goal(s)…..

My next week goal (at least) is making a double with 8 reds and colars on deadlifts…. 😉 What will it be on squats and bench press…. ?

Light session which were less light than expected

Tuesday I did:

Squats 3×3 120kg
Deadlift 3×3 140kg
Bench press 3×3 80kg

Today I did the same, only in 45 minutes and it felt ‘much heavier’.
Nevertheless it felt good and this is the step for my next semi heavy light training session tomorrow or Sunday. Depending of my energy level and/or will to push myself to my next level……

Joost de Groot thank you for the compliment

Thank you for the compliment @grootjoostde You did it awesome…. #Repost @grootjoostde (@get_repost) ・・・ I’m really happy with my results at the nationals; I have finally fully enjoyed a meet again. Competition prep this time was, besides strict, also very enjoyable because of the support of other motivating and motivated people. @sandrawildeman , for example, did a perfect job as a coach, even though she was not able to get the numbers she herself came for. She knows how to calm me down when necessary, but she’s also great at getting me fired up, as you can see in the picture. She chose my attempts very strategically, which greatly helped me claim a place on the podium for the third time this year. Additionally, @cardiopowerlifting has been a great support lately: Mentally, I have never felt stronger! Thanks, @wimwam1 I am also very fortunate to always be able to count on the support of an amazing group of people! I’ve wasted no time and have already started my preparations for 2018. I very much look forward to another great year of lifting and comradery. #power #powerlifting #squateveryday #squats #benchpress #deadlift #strong #coaching #teamsandra #teamseabert #Motivation #happy @miss_spikkel

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Recovery 2……

Another step back….. recovery 🙂
A lot of lifter train to heavy….. 😉 in my opinion…..
The weight are set on the platform and not in the Gym…
55 minutes work-out….. :lol:….

Squats 3×3 120kg
Deadlift 3×3 140kg
Bench press 3×3 80kg

Recovery training because of Saturday’s training

Saturday it went very good, within the 3 weeks training. Yesterday I took some rest 😆 Can you imagine that I need a rest day after 1 hour training 😆 ……

Today I made with squats, deadlifts and bench press 3 sets for 2 reps. The weights felt good…. Friday or Saturday I will do some heavier doubles for 2 sets… What will be the weigths?

Squats 3×2 140kg
Deadlift 3×2 165kg
Bench press 3×2 85kg

No Pain No Gain….

Awesome performance of the sisters Kensenhuis at the Dutch Classic Powerlifting Nationals. Ilrish recovering from a leg injure and decided 3 weeks to skip this Nationals…. With hard work on here side, she turned it around and hit the platform Yesterday… And finished it with a National record deadlift! Welldone…..










And then National record holder Iris……. lifted the highest deadlift ever by a dutch female deadlift at an Classic Powerlifitng meet 220kg!!! Really awesome. I’m pleased to have them  training in my homegym sometimes and give them small help / advice, so that they can make their next step(s). Thank you 😀

Within 3 weeks training 185kg squat, 215kg deadlift for doubles….

3 weeks ago I started training with light weights again and in within 3 weeks I’m able to squat 2x 185kg and deadlift 2x 215kg. Bench press is tough due the nerve problem I got in my left arm. Nevertheless I press 2x 102,5kg and failed on the 2nd rep with 110kg. Coming two weeks not to heavy 😆 so I will ready for my personal test over 2 weeks.

Yup I was able to make some doubles to inspire some people and for some it was to late.. Sorry.. Within 3 weeks light weight training ? curious what the singles (my personal meet) over 2 weeks. ? âžĄïž ✔Where power and support unite ✔Go Forth with Titan Support ✔The number 1 Powerlifting supplier. ✔Always the Orginator. Never the Imitator. #skwot #skwots #skwaat #skwaats #squats #squat #bands#chains #wobblysquats#slowsquats #pausesquats #pausesquat #deadlifts#deadlifting #deadlift #workout#strengthtraining #yellowjackets#supportsystems #thp #sterksteman #strongmen #crossfit #crossfitnl#yellowjackets #pwrlftr #powerlifter #powerlifting #yllwjckts #benchpress #cardiopowerlifting @ilyscious @inspirised @sandrawildeman

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