Iris Kensenhuis at the IPF Worlds Powerlifting Equipped 2018. next week Europeans Equipped Powerlifting…..

Iris getting ready?

First suit training for the European Masters II

Heading towards the first equipped training…..

Master I lifter Christine Rebello deadlifting Dutch open record of 155kg

All attempts of Iris Kensenhuis at the Dutch Nationals 2019

All attempts of Ilrish of the Dutch Nationals Powerlifting 2019

Iris deadlifting 221kg breaking the Dutch record…. 230.5kg was to heavy this time

Ilrish deadlifting 225kg to retain the title!

Powerlifting from back in the days is motivation for Powerlifting today

Yesterday I saw the following video of a Powerlifting meet in 1999. 20 years ago…. Oldskool rocks!

It was a really good time. Our team was training together and lifting together during the meets. Competition was high within our team. Nevertheless we cheer very hard the other during training and meets. That is the big different between equipped (oldskool) powerlifting and todays classic powerlifting. Equipped lifters need each other to help out, with suit, wraps and shirts. That connects.
It motivated me for today’s training 😉 Thank you boys for that great time! Peter Baltus, Michel Kossen, Robbert Klaver, Erwin Krokkee, Peter Bongers, etc.
Coming weekend are Ilrish & Iris batteling on the platform at the Dutch Classic Powerlifting Nationals. I wish both good look and you train very hard for this meet.